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Self-publishing Role Models For 2018

Self-publishing Role Models for 2018

graphic of ALLi local and people celebratingNo matter what genre we write it, indie authors can always learn from each other, so it's been a pleasure to share on the blog this year the self-publishing success stories of the authors whose exclusive interviews with us are listed below. Each of these interviews consists of the same nine questions, and it's fascinating to see their different answers each time – and their frequent agreement on certain issues too.

We also share other kinds of success stories on the blog. such as an award win or a particular breakthrough that chimes with one of our campaigns. So in 2019, do take a moment each Sunday to check out our blog for a bit of fresh inspiration to fire you up for the week ahead.

In the meantime, enjoy gleaning top tips and ideas from these self-publishing superstars of 2018 – and a happy new writing year to you all!

Children's & YA


Historical Fiction

Literary Fiction


Mystery & Thriller



Multiple Genres

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