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Introduction To Writing To Trends

An Introduction to Writing to Trend: A Five-Step Guide

One big benefit of indie publishing is that it’s up to us, as authors, what genre we write in, what niche we explore and which audience we write for. By undertaking our own research and planning, we can identify opportunities to make the most of emerging trends and reader interest in them. So today at ALLi, we're looking at what a ‘trend’ really is, how to identify one that works for you, and how to fulfil the expectations of your readers.
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Associate To Author

Moving from Associate to Author: ALLi Member Top Tips for Levelling Up

Today’s post looks at the experience of our indie author community as we level up from an associate, just starting out with writing, to a fully-fledged author. What does it feel like, how do things change, and what can we do to move to the next level? We’ll share the experience of Alli team members and community members based on the top tips and stories shared with us through our member forums on Facebook and SelfPubConnect.
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First Poetry Book

Launching a First Poetry Book, with Orna Ross and Lauren Lott — Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast

Joining Orna Ross in this month's #AskALLi Self-Publishing Poetry Salon is indie poet Lauren Lott who will outline the steps she took to launch her first poetry collection, The Remains of Burning. “Choosing between wounds and scars” is how she describes sorting out which poems would go into her collection.
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Author Interview With Robert Roseth

Author Interview with Robert Roseth: Mystery and Satire at University — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My ALLi author guest this week is Robert Roseth, who spent his career at the University of Washington, helping to make scientific and technological breakthroughs understandable to everyday readers. After retirement, he embarked on the second part of his career, writing a combination mystery and satire called Ivy is a Weed. Robert also discovered that the best way to publish his vision is to do it the indie way.
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How Do I Manage My Privacy as an Author? Other Questions Answered by Orna Ross and Michael La Ronn in our Member Q&A Self-Publishing News Podcast

How do I manage my privacy as an author? Our #AskALLi Member Q&A is hosted by Michael La Ronn and ALLi Director, Orna Ross,and this month they'll be answering this question and more.
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