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SEO Updates 2024

Improve Your Author Website with SEO Updates for 2024: Six Easy Tips

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about giving your author site the best chance to reach the top of search engine listings. The goalposts are always changing. In this post, ALLi Partner Member Debbie Emmitt shares six easy tips you can put into action to improve your author website and maximise your chances of being noticed in 2024.
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Who Are ALLi’s Ambassadors and What Do They Do? ALLi Campaigns Podcast with Melissa Addey and Holly Greenland

This week, Campaigns Manager Melissa Addey and Blog Editor Holly Greenland explore the role of ALLi’s ambassadors: who they are and what they do. From opening up awards to speaking at events and gathering facts and figures all around the world, the ambassadors are part of ALLi’s outreach, amplifying ALLi’s voice to authors everywhere. Ambassadors work with our campaigning efforts to understand what needs to be done to support indie authors and make it happen.
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Findaway Voices

Authors Angry as Findaway Voices by Spotify Changes Terms: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

On the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway takes a critical look at Spotify's recent update to the terms of use for audiobook creators, a move that has stirred significant debate within the indie author community. As Spotify's Findaway Voices faces scrutiny over its revised policies, Dan explores the implications of these changes and the broader concerns they raise about rights and transparency in the digital publishing landscape.
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Brooke Gansemer of BiblioKid Empowers Children’s Book Authors: Creating Better Books Podcast with Howard Lovy

In the latest episode of the Creating Better Books podcast, Alli News and Podcast Producer Howard Lovy interviews Brooke Gansemer, CEO and Publisher of BiblioKid Publishing. The discussion offers a look into the world of children's book publishing, providing practical advice for authors and illustrators. Gansemer's insights into the current state of children's literature and the importance of balancing quality and engagement in storytelling make this a valuable listen for those involved in children's book creation.
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Inspirational Indie Author Interview: Victoria Goldman

Inspirational Indie Author Interview: Victoria Goldman. Author Writes Crime Fiction with a ‘Jewish Flavor’ and One Eye on Current Events

My ALLi author guest this episode is Victoria Goldman, an author of crime fiction who tried to go the traditional route, but her work was too difficult to categorize. So, she went indie, where her audience understands her unique voice. Part of that voice has to do with her Jewish identity and she writes with one eye on current events and the rise in antisemitism.
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