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Inspirational Indie Author Interview: Jill Dobson.

Inspirational Indie Author Interview: Jill Dobson. Traditionally Published as a Teen, Author Gets Tired of Waiting Game and Goes Indie

My ALLi author guest this episode is Jill Dobson, whose story is a little different from the ones I usually tell on this podcast. She found a traditional publisher at a very young age—in fact, when she was a teenager. Then she endured decades of rejection or, even worse, being ignored. She recently went indie and felt like a weight was lifted. Now, it's up to readers to decide and not a nameless gatekeeper.
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Fairly Trained

Fairly Trained Certifies First Ethically Trained Large Language Model: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

In this episode of the Self-Publishing News Podcast, Dan Holloway brings attention to Fairly Trained, the first platform to certify ethically trained large language models, highlighting a major advancement in AI ethics. Dan also explores HarperCollins' innovative environmental efforts in reducing paper usage through font changes and the carbon footprint disparities between print and audiobooks. Additionally, he discusses the new partnership between Draft2Digital and the social reading app Fable, a development that offers fresh opportunities for authors to connect with readers.
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Subscription Models for Indie Authors: ALLi Ultimate Guide

Reader subscriptions can be a great way to connect with your fans, generate revenue and cultivate a loyal following. By offering exclusive content, personalized interactions or behind-the-scenes access, authors can create a sustainable income stream while strengthening reader relationships. In today’s post, we'll delve into the essentials of establishing and running a subscription for authors programme, exploring key models, tools and best practices to maximize success so you can watch your fanbase flourish.
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Romantasy Rises as FTX Saga Concludes: Self-Publishing News Podcast with Dan Holloway

Welcome to this episode of the Self-Publishing News Podcast, where host Dan Holloway spotlights “Romantasy,” a blend of romance and fantasy that's rapidly gaining momentum in the indie publishing world. This emerging genre, now recognized in mainstream literary circles, is reshaping reader engagement and opening new avenues for authors. In addition, Dan turns his attention to the conclusion of the FTX saga, discussing the implications of Sam Bankman Freed's 25-year sentencing on the tech industry and trust in corporate leadership. The episode also explores the latest in AI advancements and the shifting dynamics of book sales, focusing on digital audio and eBook trends.
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