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Writing for ALLi is a great way to raise your profile as an indie author before a global audience of writers and readers. This opportunity is only open to paid-up ALLi members and there are some ALLi guest blogger guidelines.

Each post receives substantial hits on publication and continues to do so long after, thanks to the high SEO ranking of the ALLi blog (2000+ posts and rising).

Readers are also driven to the post by multiple social media shares by ALLi and ALLi members.

If you contribute a post, please share it via your own networks.

ALLi Guest Blogger Guidelines: Before Submission

  • Only ALLi members are eligible to write guest posts. We welcome guest posts from all categories of ALLi member: author, associate, partner and authorpreneur. If you’re not yet a member of ALLi, now’s a great time to join! Visit our membership website to apply:
  • We encourage posts that help other indie authors solve a problem, explain a how-to approach, or that foster healthy discussion.
  • We prefer posts that draw on personal details and experience. Our community is renowned for its collaborative spirit and the best blog posts reflect that. Personal opinions are welcome.
  • Posts must be original i.e. written especially for the ALLi blog, and must not have appeared previously elsewhere.
  • Your byline will be included, together with a brief bio with one link to your author website or other appropriate URL.
  • Guest posts are voluntary. As a non-profit organization aiming to keep our membership costs as low as possible, we do not offer an editorial fee.
  • You may repost your copy elsewhere one week after we’ve published it, provided you include a link back to our original posting.
  • Your post will be edited before publication. It will be formatted and sub-edited according to our in-house style as well as for SEO purposes. All editor decisions are final.

If you have questions about these guest blogger guidelines, contact Sacha Black, ALLi’s blog and conference manager: [email protected]

ALLi Guest Blogger Guidelines: How To Submit Your Guest Post Idea

ALLi guest blogger guidelines

Sacha Black, ALLi Blog Editor

Sacha Black is the first point of contact for any communication to do with guest posts. Her ALLi email address is [email protected]

Before you write your post, please follow these guest blogger guidelines and email Sacha with a brief outline of your idea and why you would like to write it. She ‘ll reply to advise you on its suitability. If your initial idea isn’t quite right, she’ll suggest some amendments that will make it suitable.

Sacha aims to reply within three working days of an approach but may take longer, especially at busy periods. If you haven’t heard from her a week on, please feel free to contact her again, in case your email has been trapped by a spam filter along the way.

ALLi Guest Blogger Guidelines: How To Submit Your Post Copy

Once your idea is accepted, please:

  • Write a post of no more than 1,000 words. (Posts can also be shorter, if you can tell your story more effectively in fewer words.) If you find it difficult to stick to that maximum length, please contact Sacha to discuss. Otherwise longer posts may be returned to the author for further editing.
  • Email your completed post to Sacha as an attachment, ideally at a Word document or plain text. Again, note that she will format and sub-edit it to match our house style and for SEO keyword purposes (we want your post to be found!).
  • Please email as separate attachments 3-4 images to which you hold the rights, in jpg format, to be used as illustrations. Note: if you have an account for stock images, it does not mean ALLi has the right to post those images on our site. If any of your own books are relevant to the post, this should include a cover image for the appropriate book. If you are unable to provide illustrations, Sacha may use stock photos secured from ALLi’s respective account so we ensure we have the proper rights.
  • Please include with your post your author bio, headshot, website URL, and all relevant social media handles.

Suggesting a Topic

If you don’t want to write a post but would like to suggest a topic, please message Sacha. We’re constantly looking for new ideas to meet our readers’ needs and interests. Questions are welcome, as well as answers!

Many thanks for your interest, for reviewing and understanding these guest blogger guidelines, and please keep your great ideas coming.


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