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The Publishing Guides for Indie Authors Series is a series of comprehensive self-publishing guides for authors from the Alliance of Independent Authors, covering everything from editing your final draft to selling movie rights in your book.

Members of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) can download all guidebooks as part of their membership. (Just visit the members' website HERE (you'll need to log-in).

For non-members, the books are available for purchase, here in our online bookstore.

Our latest release is: Creative Self-Publishing: ALLi’s Guide to Independent Publishing for Authors and Poets

By Orna A. Ross

There is no single way to self-publish successfully, says this book from the director of the Alliance of Independent Authors. Sharing what Orna has learned through observing thousands of self-publishers, it brings the reader step-by-step through her own process, how she's chosen to self-publish herself in fiction, non-fiction and poetry, across ebook, print books and audio formats.

While not shying away from offering authoritative advice about the craft of publishing and the craft of author business, this book does not argue for any sort of universal approach. Instead it offers exercises, checklists and planners that allow you to work out your own best way to publication.

“Too many indie authors think the way they are self-publishing is the only way,” Orna says. “And too few have really thought through what it really means to be in business as an author.”

Beginning with the basics–a website, a mailing list and (so often neglected by authors) a creative business plan–the book works through the seven processes of publishing and a sequence for self-publishing success that any author can follow.

You'll learn the best way to make and market great books today, through independent, digital, global publishing. How to harness your intellectual property to build assets that can sustain you for a lifetime. How to set up and run a successful, sustainable, and scalable author business.

Best of all, you'll learn how to do it in a way that fits your habits, your lifestyle, and your creative capacity.

Your books, your creative business, your way.

Read more about Creative Self-Publishing and Buy Here

150 Self-Publishing Questions Answered

by M.L. Ronn

Do you have self-publishing questions that you can’t seem to find the answer to? We’re here to help.

It has never been easier to publish a book, but with so many options, it can be hard to know whether writing advice is good or bad.

Your Self-Publishing Questions Answered is based on overwhelming data & analytics: 1,000+ questions from our author members, 2000+ ALLi blog articles, 400 ALLi podcast episodes, our 24/365 Facebook community where members ask questions daily, and input from our world-class advisors from every corner of the publishing industry.

There’s no question that ALLi hasn’t seen. In fact, this book answers questions you may not have thought about yet.

Read more about 150 Self-Publishing Questions Answered and Buy Here

Choose the Best Self-Publishing Services

by John Doppler

Are you serious about self-publishing? Want to know which services are reputable… and which to avoid?

This guide will tell you all you need to know about choosing the best self-publishing service providers, from the largest (Amazon KDP, Google and Apple Books) to your local freelance editor or designer.

Compiled by the illustrious watchdog team at the Alliance of Independent Author (ALLi), this is not just a roadmap that helps you to choose the most reputable services and companies.

Read more about How To Choose a Self-Publishing Service and Buy Here

Your Book in Bookstores

by Debbie Young

This book is an easy, quick and interesting read for all authors, no matter how they are published.

At last year's Indie Author Fringe event, Debbie Young helped to launch our #Authors4Bookstores campaign, and this is the companion book, providing encouragement and inspiration for all authors to build better relationships with bookstores.

After reading this book, whether or not you decide to seek opportunities to get your books into bookstores, you'll know that you've made an informed decision and reached your conclusion for all the right reasons.

Read more about Your Book in Bookstores and Buy Here

CAMPAIGN BOOK: Opening Up To Indie Authors

by Debbie Young and Dan Holloway

Packed with useful information, and real-life examples from members of The Alliance of Independent Authors.

This guide is also aimed at those who work in the literary, publishing and books industries: award bodies, book fairs and conferences, libraries, literary festival and event organisers, retailers, reviewers and anyone who acts as a bridge between writer and reader.

It gives detailed advice on how to find good self-published books and how they might — and should — be included, wherever readers are found.

Read more about Opening Up To Indie Authors and Buy Here

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How Authors Sell Publishing Rights

By Orna A Ross & Helen Sedwick

How to navigate today's complex book-rights marketplace.

How Authors Sell Publishing Rights shows writers the best ways to reach decision-makers in various industries, what these rights-buyers are looking for, and what to expect in negotiating a licence or sale of rights.

This is the how-to book for authors who want to understand and confidently sell publishing rights.

Read more about Selling Publishing Rights and Buy Here

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