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Book Award Update November 2023

Book Awards Update For Indie Authors: November 2023

As an indie author, you can use your writing and your author platform to positively impact people: individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Today we look at how authors writing with a message can use book awards to raise the profile of their story or cause.  
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Audiobook Quick Start Guide

Producing an Audiobook: A Quick-Start Guide for Indie Authors

If you’re considering getting started with audiobook production, there are many wonderful sources that can help teach you how. So many sources, in fact, that the vast quantity of info can be overwhelming. Don’t panic! Below you’ll find a big-picture, step-by-step overview of the audio production process from start to finish.
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Text Reads: KDP Select Or Wide - We Need To Talk About KU. Image Of An Open Book

KDP Select or Wide? We Need to Talk About… KU

KDP Select or wide? Good question. When I have pointed out the dangers of Amazon exclusivity, people have accused me of scaremongering, but research is my strength, and one thing’s for certain, the business scene changes rapidly, often with little warning.
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How To Sell Your Books In Bookstores With Image Of A Bookstore Shelf

How to Get Your Self-Published Books into Bookstores

For many of our members at The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), getting their self-published books into bookstores is part of their author dream. But how do you tell a bookstore about your work, what’s the best way to approach them, and what can you expect from selling in this way?
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Text Reads 'Eight Top Techniques For Selling Poetry'

Eight Top Techniques for Selling Poetry

How can you ensure your poetry is getting the attention it deserves? This week the ALLi blog will answer this question, sharing eight top techniques for reaching your readers and selling your poetry; from literary magazines, to competitions, and social media to podcasts or Patreon.
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