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ALLi director Orna Ross runs a private monthly creative business planning workshops for authors and poets through her Patreon planning membership.

The membership costs $25 per month, includes other resources, and is designed so you can opt in and out any time, places permitting.

More details here

Register here.  Existing patrons get priority and don’t need to re-register. New patrons on a first-come, first-served basis until places are gone.

This Month’s Workshop. Jan 8th 2020, 5pm UK: Quarterly Planning 2021

As a follow on from last month’s annual planning, Orna guides you through planning how to grow your income, influence and impact as an indie author or poet in the coming quarter year. The session is arranged around three big questions:

  • What do you want to be celebrating at the end of March 2021– as a writer? As a publisher? As a business owner?

The workshop begins by looking at where you are now, then explores what you most want to achieve next, wearing the three hats an indie author must wear (maker, manager and marketer).

You’ll log your recent accomplishments and set your own personal definition of success and  benchmarks, so you’ll know when you’ve succeeded.

You’ll do the work there and then, you’ll have ample time to have your questions answered, and you’ll and leave with a clear plan for how your creative writing, creative publishing and creative business intersect — and exactly what you should be doing in January, February and March and the rest of next year.

A workshop not a webinar

This is not a large webinar to thousands of attendees but a small-group, guided workshop. Places are limited you receive personal attention and feedback on your current project and your writing and publishing process, during the workshop, and through the month in Patreon. Your payment covers access to all previous workshops, as well as this one.

You’ll leave with:

  • Process: A clear process outlined for you that takes in all aspects of your publishing business, not just your writing.
  • Clarity: The precise nature of your current creative challenge(s), broken down into manageable, bite-size chunks
  • Achievability: Your creative year mapped out with realistic, time-based intentions and tasks across four quarters
  • Scalability: Plan on how to scale your time and energy in 2021 by delegating more.
  • Support: A Facebook group and mid-month motivator help to keep you on track.

Annual Planning Workshop 2021: Resources

The membership delivers stacks of other resources as well as the workshops: Downloadable PDFs of intention maps, accomplishment logs, and other Go Creative! worksheets, tools, and planners. Replay videos so you can refer back any time. A Facebook accountability group for intention mapping and accomplishment logging. A mid-month motivator to your email inbox to keep you on track. 

Creative Business Planning Workshops for Authors and Poets

Orna Ross

Orna Ross, Director of ALLi

Orna says: The quarterly planning workshop is part of my private workshop series (Creative Business Planning Workshops for Authors and Poets) provided to my planning members in Patreon.

This planning group also receives a variety of other resources, including downloadable intention maps and accomplishment logs, practice reminders, worksheets, playsheets, replay videos, a private Facebook accountability group and a mid-month motivator email.

I started this membership because so many indie authors are struggling to integrate the three big skills they need to have–writing, publishing and business–into one successful enterprise.

That’s what it’s designed to facilitate.

It’s not for everyone, as it does take a particular approach to business planning. The membership, and the workshops,  aim to ensure heart and soul, not just mind and ego, are embedded in our publishing intentions.

The workshops are fun, calling for creative rest and imaginative play, as well as mental focus. Most of all, these workshops encourage you to go deeper–so you can achieve more by doing less.

Register here

Schedule: Quarterly Planning Workshop 2021

  • 16.45: Zoom room opens.
  • 17.00: Workshop commences.
  • 17.00: Recap of year past, introductions, what to expect.
  • 17.15: Presentation: Planning 2021: 3 hats, profits and purpose, passion and process, values & visualisation
  • 17.30: Exercises, Worksheets, Discussion – break into subgroups: writing, book production, book marketing
  • 18.00: Regroup and discussion
  • 18.15 to end: Q&A.

The Q&A continues until all questions are answered. Nobody left behind is the policy!

(Please note: All times are UK London time, UTC. Replay videos are stored in Patreon so you can refer back any time.)

Creative Business Planning For Authors: Testimonials

Joanna Penn, bestselling author, award-winning entrepreneur, and host of The Creative Penn podcast

Orna’s events have been life-changing for me. With wisdom, kindness (and the occasional kick in the pants!) she is able to cut through the noise and focus on what’s really important for creatives. Her f-r-e-e-writing exercises have helped me with my books and my business. I highly recommend her.

Mark McGuinness, award-winning poet, creative coach, and host of The 21st Century Creative podcast

Amid all the hype about the latest tools and technologies, we don’t hear so much about wisdom, compassion, and hard-won experience. Orna Ross has all of these in spades, and is generous in passing on her knowledge. I value my conversations with Orna and always come away with a valuable new perspective on things. I’m sure you will too.

Belinda Strotheide, Writer and Business Trainer

I just wanted to take a few minutes to say how much I appreciate your creative planning training. My college degree is in business, I’ve spent years listening to entrepreneurial training, I’ve helped businesses, nonprofits and communities think through the process and formulate their plans and goals. You have helped me see the process in a new way. A way that lets me view it creatively, with the business aspects as a framework rather than the focus of the activities. Thank you! Also, thank you for your sensitivity and respect toward the individuals in the meetings. I also like how you push us to go for the deeper truth of who we are creatively and address the real reasons we may get stuck. A really BIG THANK YOU. What you’re doing is so very helpful.

Business Planning Workshops: Registration

Registration for these workshops is always on a first-come, first-served basis. Current paid-up patrons get first place.

Existing Patreon Planning Members

You don’t have to re-register or do anything.  On the evening before this month’s workshop, you’ll receive the downloads and links you need to attend.

If you don’t wish to attend next month’s workshop, and don’t need to access the planners or other resources again, just cancel your membership anytime.

The membership is set up to allow for free movement (places permitting), so you can opt in and out as you need.

New Members

If there are some places left for this month, then it’s first come, first served. Click here to register  (places permitting). Registration also unlocks all the prior videos and gives access to other planning resources and Facebook group membership.
Payment is $25 + per month, plus any sales tax charged where you live (cancel any time). Patreon deducts fees on the day you join and then on the first day of each month.

If you’re not successful in getting a place this time, let Kayleigh know at [email protected]. She’ll put you on our waiting list and you’ll be informed when more places become available in the coming months.

Once registered, you’ll be provided with full details of how to prepare and attend.

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