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12Apr 21
Audiblegate Updates #1

Audiblegate Updates #1

This post marks the first in what will be a series of update post combining the most important news and information as the campaign progresses.
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08Apr 21
Audiobook Publishing Alternatives To ACX: A Comparison

Audiobook Publishing Alternatives to ACX: A Comparison

ALLi's Watchdog Desk contrasts ACX and Audible with six rival audiobook distribution services — Author's Republic, Findaway Voices, Kobo Writing Life, Lantern, PublishDrive, and Soundwise — to explore options for authors who wish to reach a wider audience beyond Amazon's walls.
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05Apr 21
How Library Distribution Works For Indie Authors

How Library Distribution Works for Indie Authors

We all know that having our books in a library is a good thing. More readers, a segment of readership we don't always reach, and income. But how do you even get your books into a library and how does their distribution system work? These are questions we answer today in our post how library distribution works for indie authors.
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04Apr 21
Author Interview With Lynda Hilburn: Psychotherapist Finds Indie Freedom In Paranormal Fiction — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

Author Interview With Lynda Hilburn: Psychotherapist Finds Indie Freedom in Paranormal Fiction — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My ALLi author guest this week is Lynda Hilburn, a psychotherapist by day and a paranormal fiction author by night. Lynda overcame a rough childhood and went through a musician phase before she found her voice as an author. Traditionally published at first, Lynda discovered that true freedom can be found through publishing her own stories her own way. 
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01Apr 21
Comparable Authors Workshop

Comparable Authors Workshop

This month Orna’s planning workshop is a comparable authors workshop. To access the workshop, join Orna’s creative business planning membership for authors and poets on Patreon. More details here.
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29Mar 21
How To Publish An EBook

How to Publish an eBook

While print books have been the backbone and primary format for traditional publishing for... well, forever, that's not the case for indies. Typically, indie authors are digital first, focused on ebook sales and then audio and print next. So how do you actually publish an ebook? The Alliance of Independent Authors extends thanks to Linh Thoi for her contributions to this post. This is how to publish an ebook.
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