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01Apr 19

The Self-Publishing Advice Center: How to Self-Publish A Book

Welcome to ALLi's Self-publishing Advice Center, a community outreach service from the Alliance of Independent Authors, offering advice and guidance you can trust, across the seven processes of publishing: Editorial Design Production Distribution Marketing Promotion  Publishing rights management
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30Mar 20
The Ultimate Guide To Getting Book Reviews

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Book Reviews

Arguably, when you publish a new book, gaining reviews is a key book-marketing activity; possibly the most important of all marketing tasks. But it's hard, and the rules about what you can and can't do constantly change. This is the ultimate guide to getting book reviews.
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29Mar 20
Interview With Sacha Black, Our Expert In Villain-ology: Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

Interview with Sacha Black, Our Expert in Villain-ology: Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My guest this week is Sacha Black, who many of you may already know as the cohost of our AskALLi Fiction and Nonfiction podcast and producer of our online self-publishing conferences. What you may not know is that Sacha got her start as a child actress for the BBC and is an expert in how to create a proper villain. There's more to her story, and nobody can tell it like Sacha, herself.   
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23Mar 20
The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Right Readers For Your Book

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Right Readers for your Book

As self-publishers, our readers are our greatest asset and our ability to publish directly to them is our greatest opportunity. Finding the right readers is critical to our success. Which is why this week’s #AskALLi Ultimate Guide gives you everything you need to know to find the right readers f0r your book.
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17Mar 20
Coping With Coronavirus And Its Consequences: Advice From The Alliance Of Independent Authors

Coping with Coronavirus and its Consequences: Advice from the Alliance of Independent Authors

Leaders around the world have told us that we are in the middle of the health crisis induced by COVID-19, coronavirus, and we are all now facing into its implications. Most of us, we are told, can expect nothing worse than a week in bed with flu-like symptoms, but some of us are greatly vulnerable. We at ALLi want to wish you and your loved ones wellness and recovery. Your health and wellbeing is what’s most important at this time. Stay as safe as you can. 
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16Mar 20
The Self-Publishing Advice Conference: Free For Another 24 Hours

The Self-Publishing Advice Conference: Free for Another 24 Hours

On Saturday we ran the Self-Publishing Advice Conference Spring 2020 -- 24 sessions over 24 hours on the theme of boosting your author income. Sacha Black asks: have you registered and tuned in yet? If not, now is the time. The self-publishing advice conference is free for another 24 hours.
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