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17May 21
Publishing Wide: Alternative Book Sales Outlets For Authors

Publishing Wide: Alternative Book Sales Outlets For Authors

The Alliance of Independent Authors advises self-publishing authors to publish and distribute their books as widely as possible for a number of reasons. If you'd like to understand more about the wide mindset, you can read our ultimate guide to publishing wide here. Today, though, we're diving into alternative book sales outlets you can use to sell your books.
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16May 21
Author Interview With Ankur Mahajan: Book Captures Rich Cultures In War Zones — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

Author Interview with Ankur Mahajan: Book Captures Rich Cultures in War Zones — Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast

My ALLi author guest this week is Ankur Mahajan, who turned his childhood desire to travel into a career of working to help people who live in war zones like Afghanistan. Along the way, he learned all the rich subtleties of foreign cultures. In his book, Life Beyond Bullets, Ankur wanted readers to walk away with a sense of what it's like to live in these beautiful places, and perhaps get a feel for what they're like in peacetime. 
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10May 21
The Ultimate Guide To Finishing A Series

The Ultimate Guide to Finishing a Series

Authors, publishers and readers love series – authors because it’s easier to write each new book in the same world as the first one, publishers because it’s much easier and more profitable to market and sell a sequel to a successful book than a standalone, and readers because if they discover a series they like, they will read them all. Each new book feels like a homecoming. But as an indie author, how do you know when to call a halt to a successful series and move on? Debbie Young, who has just completed her seven-book Sophie Sayers Village Mystery series, gleans top tips on finishing a series from ALLi author members.
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03May 21
The Indie Author Guide To Finding Followers, True Fans And Superfans

The Indie Author Guide to Finding Followers, True Fans and Superfans

Everyone knows they need to find readers, but once you identify where they are, how do you capture them? How do you turn them into super fans? In today's post, Alliance Independent Authors Director Orna Ross takes the main stage to explain everything you need to know about true fans and super fans.
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