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Self-Publishing Predictions for the 2020s

Last time we looked at the previous decade in self-publishing. This time out, Alliance of Independent Authors director Orna Ross identifies what she sees as the seven trends that will power self-publishing in the coming decade. This is the next ten years: self-publishing predictions 2022.
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Opinion: Are We in a Pulp Fiction Reprisal?

You'd be forgiven for thinking technology has eradicated the days of old. But not so fast, author member Christopher Wills has a different opinion. He's here to examine the similarities between the current ebook era and the early twentieth century pulp fiction era.
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Little Free Library

Self-publishing News: The Role of the Library

In this week's Self-publishing News Round-up, we hear how more audiobooks are available for library borrowing, Amazon's recruiting speaks volumes about the future of work, and we say goodbye to the founder of the Little Free Library.
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Reading Room At Duke Humfrey's Library

Self-publishing News: Reading Matters

As libraries play an increasing part in people's digital reading habits, it is increasingly important for indie writers not to follow the likes of publishing house Tor and restrict libraries' access to their works. And the UK government launches a competition for an app to improve literacy.
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