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The Ultimate Guide to Finishing a Series

Authors, publishers and readers love series – authors because it’s easier to write each new book in the same world as the first one, publishers because it’s much easier and more profitable to market and sell a sequel to a successful book than a standalone, and readers because if they discover a series they like, they will read them all. Each new book feels like a homecoming. But as an indie author, how do you know when to call a halt to a successful series and move on? Debbie Young, who has just completed her seven-book Sophie Sayers Village Mystery series, gleans top tips on finishing a series from ALLi author members.
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Are Bookstores Worth it for Indie Authors?

For most indie authors writing today, traditional bookstores in the mall and on the high street fueled our writing ambitions and our love of reading as children. Most writers would be thrilled to see their books on display in bookstore windows, display tables and shelves. Despite the rise and rise of ebooks and audiobooks, and especially during the boom in online buying during the Covid-19 pandemic, physical bookstores are still a significant marketplace for readers to discover and buy books. However it is much more challenging for the indie author to sell books via bookstores than online. What are those challenges and does the benefit of reaching bookstores’ customers justify finding a place for bookstores in your business plan? This post asks the question: are bookstores worth it for indie authors?
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Encore Month: Bookshop distribution

Like to get your books into bricks-and-mortar bookstores? It'll help if you understand the bookseller's objectives and viewpoint - and this extract from ALLi's guidebook about bookstores will quickly put you in the picture.
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Writing for Local Magazines – Is It Worthwhile?

When we're aiming at marketing our books worldwide, it's easy to ignore small parochial writing opportunities - but don't be too hasty to dismiss what could provide useful strategic advantages for the bigger picture, as Debbie Young explains in her case study.
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Writing: How Many Books Should You Write at Once?

How many books do you work on at a time? Whether it's one or a dozen, this post will give you ideas of other ways of managing your works-in-progress and help you decide whether to stick with your current practice or try another way in the interests of productivity.
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