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Subscription Models for Indie Authors: ALLi Ultimate Guide

Reader subscriptions can be a great way to connect with your fans, generate revenue and cultivate a loyal following. By offering exclusive content, personalized interactions or behind-the-scenes access, authors can create a sustainable income stream while strengthening reader relationships. In today’s post, we'll delve into the essentials of establishing and running a subscription for authors programme, exploring key models, tools and best practices to maximize success so you can watch your fanbase flourish.
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Book Awards March 2024

Book Award Update For Indie Authors: March 2024 – Avoiding Common Pitfalls

As an independent author, having your labor of love recognized with a prestigious book award can feel like the ultimate validation of your talents and hard work. However, the road to literary accolades is filled with potential potholes that can derail your chance at success if you're not careful. In this Book Award Update March 2024, we'll explore some of the most common mistakes indie authors make when entering book awards—and how to avoid them.
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Global Distribution

Global Book Distribution for Indie Authors: ALLi Ultimate Guide

As self-published authors, we have the opportunity to bring our stories to audiences around the world, without the potential barriers or limitations of a traditional publishing house. Reaching out beyond your home nation is in your hands, but it doesn’t come without it’s challenges. In today’s Alliance of Independent Authors Blog post, we'll explore the strategies and platforms that can help self-published authors distribute their books worldwide.
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Introduction To Writing To Trends

An Introduction to Writing to Trend: A Five-Step Guide

One big benefit of indie publishing is that it’s up to us, as authors, what genre we write in, what niche we explore and which audience we write for. By undertaking our own research and planning, we can identify opportunities to make the most of emerging trends and reader interest in them. So today at ALLi, we're looking at what a ‘trend’ really is, how to identify one that works for you, and how to fulfil the expectations of your readers.
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Member Milestones March 2024

ALLi Member Milestones: Selfie Award Shortlists, Debut Novels, Four-Figure Months and More!

This regular post from the Alliance of Independent Authors celebrates success stories from across our members as inspiration for our indie author community. This time we celebrate Selfie award shortlists, debut novels,  four figure months and more... A big congratulations to those featured in this month's Member Milestones: Anna Sayburn Lane, Mark Coram, Susan Grossey, Jill Dobson, and Felicity Green. 
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Associate To Author

Moving from Associate to Author: ALLi Member Top Tips for Levelling Up

Today’s post looks at the experience of our indie author community as we level up from an associate, just starting out with writing, to a fully-fledged author. What does it feel like, how do things change, and what can we do to move to the next level? We’ll share the experience of Alli team members and community members based on the top tips and stories shared with us through our member forums on Facebook and SelfPubConnect.
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SEO Updates 2024

Improve Your Author Website with SEO Updates for 2024: Six Easy Tips

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about giving your author site the best chance to reach the top of search engine listings. The goalposts are always changing. In this post, ALLi Partner Member Debbie Emmitt shares six easy tips you can put into action to improve your author website and maximise your chances of being noticed in 2024.
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