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Alli Out And About With Dina Santorelli

20Booksto50kVegas 2023 Part Two! ALLi Out and About with Dina Santorelli

20Booksto50kVegas 2023 was jam-packed with author events, talks and advice. So, following ALLi team member Sacha Black's reflections last week, we're sharing a part two today! Suspense and thriller author Dina Santorelli is an ALLi ambassador based in New York who attended the 20Booksto50kVegas 2023 conference - this is her report. Read on for Dina's reflections on Vegas itself, her takeaways from the event, and what she'll do differently based on what she learnt. 
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Self-Publishing News 18th November

Self-Publishing News: Futurebook Conference 2023 – Audio and AI to Dominate

As Audio and AI dominate the Futurebook Conference 2023 Programme, What Kind of Future is Being Imagined? In just over a week, it will be time for the annual Futurebook conference - what has become one of the most important dates in the calendar for understanding the nature of our industry’s concerns, the climate in which we operate, and the overall appetite for innovation across our landscape.
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ALLi Out And About Vegas

20Booksto50kVegas 2023: ALLi Out and About

In ALLi Out and About posts, members of the AskALLi team and Alliance of Independent Authors members share the lessons they've learnt from attending book fairs, conferences or other industry events. Today we hear from Sacha Black, who attended the 20Booksto50kVegas 2023 conference.
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Book Award Update November 2023

Book Awards Update For Indie Authors: November 2023

As an indie author, you can use your writing and your author platform to positively impact people: individuals, communities, and society as a whole. Today we look at how authors writing with a message can use book awards to raise the profile of their story or cause.  
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Embracing A Positive Money Mindset

Embracing a Positive “Money Mindset” for Self-Publishing Success

The rise of self-publishing has not only brought about creative freedom for authors but also a new personal responsibility for financial control over our own writing careers. Here at the The Alliance of Independent authors, we believe that adopting a positive ‘money mindset’ is critical for embracing this new accountability.
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Audiobook Quick Start Guide

Producing an Audiobook: A Quick-Start Guide for Indie Authors

If you’re considering getting started with audiobook production, there are many wonderful sources that can help teach you how. So many sources, in fact, that the vast quantity of info can be overwhelming. Don’t panic! Below you’ll find a big-picture, step-by-step overview of the audio production process from start to finish.
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SelfPubcon23 Highlights

SelfPubCon23 is Now Over: Highlights and Thanks to All Who Made it Happen

Over the weekend of Saturday October 21st, and Sunday October 22nd, the indie author community came together for the highly anticipated Self-Publishing Advice Conference (#SelfPubCon23). This year, the conference focused on the theme of "Success Mindset for Indie Authors," featuring a line-up of over 50 speakers who shared their insights and experiences with an audience eager to break down barriers and unlock the keys to indie author success.
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