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cover of The Red Hill by David Penny

How to Choose the Best Keywords When Publishing Fiction on Amazon

You’ve written your novel and polished it to a shine, composed the perfect blurb to excite readers who alight upon your book’s Amazon listing, and all that remains is to find the right keywords to help them discover that page in the first place. If the blurb is, as Ben Cameron once memorably described it on this […]

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David Rory O'Neill

Opinion: Empowered by Self-Publishing, Still Seeking Self-Worth

What really counts as success in self-publishing? Prolific Irish author David Rory O’Neill considers the factors that validate the indie author’s self-worth and shares lessons he has learned on his own publishing journey. I have been recently engaged with others on Goodreads who are struggling with their self-worth, measuring their success as authors. Above all, […]

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