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Opinion: No, We Are Not Enemies

Historical novelist David Penny shares his view on the relationship between trade publishing and indie authors.  There have been several articles in the press and online publications recently trying to make out that indie authors and e-books are a threat to civilisation, world peace, and traditionally printed books. Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion. […]

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How to Choose the Best Keywords When Publishing Fiction on Amazon

You’ve written your novel and polished it to a shine, composed the perfect blurb to excite readers who alight upon your book’s Amazon listing, and all that remains is to find the right keywords to help them discover that page in the first place. If the blurb is, as Ben Cameron once memorably described it on this […]

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How to approach Ad Sites & make your book desirable: NEIL BAPTISTA

The use of price promotions has become an established practice for many authors looking to achieve a variety of goals. In fact they’ve become so popular that many of the sites that offer promotions or ‘ebook deals’ now have very limited availability. Riffle Select As one of those sites, Riffle Select must balance the needs […]

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Opinion: Why You Should Run Your Author Career Like a Business

British indie author David Penny makes the case for treating being a self-published author like running a business, drawing on his own quarter-century as an entrepreneur. I was once a traditionally published writer but, for one reason or another, ended up as an accidental businessman. For over twenty-five years I ran a small software company […]

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