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The Psychology of Choice

Whether selling books from your website, or offering free content for mailing list signups, marketing psychology can be a useful tool in the indie author’s toolbox. During the redesign of a friend’s website, we pondered how to lay out the books on her sales page for maximum sales. She also wanted to offer a choice […]

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Dollar Bills. Using cost to determine who does your cover design

Publishing: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Pricing Your Self-published Books

How much should indie authors charge for their self-published books? Well, the glib answer is: “You’re an indie – it’s up to you!” But before you decide, there are lots of questions you should ask yourself, to make sure you’re neither selling yourself short not pricing yourself out of the market. Some of these questions […]

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picture of ereader with coins

Publishing Advice: 12 Top Tips on Setting Ebook Prices

Many self-publishing authors often wonder how to price their ebooks, especially when they’re launching their first one. Round pounds/dollars/Euros or something-point-99? Or should it be something-point-95 for Euros, because 1c coins are getting increasingly rare, as their value is so small? Established authors of multiple authors also wonder whether, when and how often to change […]

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Amazon logo

Publishing: Price-Matching On Amazon

For authors who use ‘price pulsing’ (i.e. vary the price to stimulate sales) or discount their self-published books ¬†across multiple online retailers, ALLi recommends caution after several members recently reported receiving letters from Amazon’s legal department when their books were priced lower on other sites. When publishing on multiple platforms, some authors have in the […]

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Rasana Atreya, Indian self-published author

Publishing: The Self-Publishing Market in India

Indian author Rasana Atreya provides invaluable insight into the current state of self-publishing in India, and shares her views on opportunities and constraints for indie authors in her home country. On February 16, Amazon hosted a self-publishing event in New Delhi, India – Amazon for Authors: Navigating the Road to Self-Publishing Success.¬†Three KDP authors were […]

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