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IndieReCon 2015 Closing Remarks

Wow. What a conference! It has been an amazing (and exhausting) week. Ali and I are very grateful to everyone for participating and making this conference another, kick-butt success! When we started IndieReCon as a free online conference three years ago, it was just me and Ali along with a few indie authors from our support […]

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Kathy Meis

Planning Successful Social Media Campaigns: KATHY MEIS

Social Media Campaigns Just as publishing has been transformed in recent years by the emergence of digital, so has marketing been dramatically altered by the advent of social media. Social marketing presents immense opportunity for authors and publishers who want to reach and engage new audiences. All too often, however, a lack of strategy, tools […]

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7 Secrets to Your Ultimate Bestseller: BRIDGET COOK-BURCH

Cut the Learning Curve Most books only sell between 100-250 copies, max. How can YOU turn your powerful message into a bestselling book? There are certain principles that bestselling authors utilize, but many green authors don’t know them and wish they did. Cut the learning curve! Bridget Cook-Burch, both a New York Times and Wall […]

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13 Reasons You’re Not As Successful An Author As You Should Be: JIM KUKRAL

Authors! What is Holding you Back? In this motivational and “tough-love” session, Author Marketing Club Director Jim Kukral explains the things holding you back from success as an author. Sometimes success is about more than book marketing tactics and writing good books. Sometimes… it’s in your head. Ready to be motivated? Ready to hear some […]

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Finding The Right Book Cover Designer: GUIDO CAROTI

Seek out the designer whose work appeals to you personally. At the bookstore Researching in a bookstore is my favorite way to learn about other designers. Make a trip to the local book store. Review recently published books. Look at different kinds of titles in different sections. Which covers are most striking to you?  The cover should sing […]

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Karen Inglis

Self-publishing & Marketing Children’s Picture Books: KAREN INGLIS

Hear London-based children’s author, Karen Inglis, talk through top tips and home truths about self-publishing children’s picture books – including why print and selling face-to-face matters, costing your project, finding illustrators and making the most of your artwork to plan, promote and run school events and to support local bookshops.   This Article is from […]

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Advice for Authors including Indie Self-publishing Authors

Literary Values in a Digital World: REBECCA SWIFT

Is there anybody reading me? Some years ago i did an MA dissertation called “Is there Anybody reading Me?” which explores why people write without certain markets and found that 99.9% more people were writing than were being published. This statistic usually shocks and I often wonder if today’s indie authors have any idea of […]

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