I Have A Publisher Now But I’m Still Indie

Our book of the month for October is Finding Emma by Steena Holmes, recently picked up for an Amazon promotion that took it from earning around $5,000 a month to over $100,000. Yes, per month.  Here Steena talks about her decision to add a trade publisher to her indie author partnerships. Until last month, the […]

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Are You Good At Selling Books Online?

So, Are you good at selling your books online? Take the test and find out, says Nick Atkinson.  [from the FutureBook Blog] 1. Choose your book. Pick something that’s been released for at least a couple of weeks but it doesn’t matter whether it’s frontlist or backlist. Arguably a backlist title should perform better in this test […]

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Beyond The Book

Your book Is only the beginning, says writing and publishing expert and ALLi Advisor, Joanna Penn.  Technology and online tools now enable any author who is willing to learn a few simple skills to turn their book into a variety of multimedia products. Non-fiction writers in particular have the opportunity to make their books the basis […]

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Advice for Indie Self-publishing Authors

Self-Publishing in Australia

It’s still a rarity to see someone on a bus in Australia with an e-reader, even an iPad, says ALLi Advisor, Steven Lewis (Taleist).  And self-publishing down under is largely focussed on Amazon. Australian readers are now aware of the digital revolution. Our booksellers are screaming loudly and not a weekend newspaper supplement appears without […]

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Amazon Pen Name or Real Name?

What is an Amazon Pen Name? Your Amazon Pen Name is the public name associated with contributions to the Amazon Community. You are asked to pick a Pen Name the first time you participate in the community but you can change it later. This pen name shows on your public profile page and next to […]

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How To Get Book Reviews

Trying to get readers to write a review is like getting your two-year-old child to take a horrible-tasting medicine, says ALLi member and regular contributor, Giacomo (Jim) Giammatteo. But it is possible and it is worth it.  In the first of a three-part series on reviews, he explains how he gets more than twenty reviews a […]

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