ALLi Watchdog Posts for 2017: A Round-up of Best Practice Advice

Headshot of John Doppler

ALLi’s Watchdog John Doppler

Each month on the ALLi blog, our excellent Watchdog John Doppler explores key issues regarding the provision of self-publishing services around the world.

He also offers broad guidance via our guidebook, Choosing a Self-publishing Service, just updated for 2018. (More about the latest edition of that invaluable publication will be here on the blog tomorrow).

Here is a round-up of John’s invaluable advice posts for 2017:

The Psychology of Choice

The Decline and Fall of the Vanity Press

Should Authors Move From Createspace to KDP Paperbacks? A First Look

ALLi Watchdog Examines The Amazon Publishing Effect On The Book Bestseller Charts

Best Selling Book Descriptions: A Visual Analysis

Reactions to the Amazon Clickfarming Scandal

Running the Gauntlet: The Value of Criticism

AMS Rules Roundup

Replacing Pronoun

10 Myths and Misunderstandings about Amazon

Choosing The Best Self-Publishing Services: Self-Publishing Success Book 2Tune into the blog tomorrow (Friday 22nd December 2017) for an update on the new year edition of our excellent guide to self-publishing services, updated by John Doppler and fellow Watchdog Jim Giammatteo for 2018.

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