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Book Marketing: Should Self-published Authors Bother with Blog Hops?

Way back when, before the internet started to reach saturation point with bloggers, taking part in blog hops and other blog-related events was all the rage to help indie authors reach a wider audience with their self-published books. Now many authors are wondering whether these practices are worth the effort, because although they generally cost nothing […]

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Book Marketing: How, Why and When to Use Blab – and What is Blab, Anyway?

PLEASE NOTE: SINCE LORNA SIXSMITH WROTE THIS HELPFUL ARTICLE, THE BLAB SERVICE HAS UNFORTUNATELY BEEN CLOSED DOWN. (We’re just leaving this article up because we don’t want you to have the frustration of following a dead link to it and getting a “Page not found” message!) Social media coach and successful Irish indie author Lorna […]

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