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Best Indie Author Marketing Posts Of 2022

Best Indie Author Marketing Posts of 2022

Every year, as we near the close of the year, we take a moment to pause and round up the best of the best on the Alliance of Independent Authors blog. Today, we're bringing you a selection of the best marketing blogs from 2022. It's time to review your marketing plans, tools and resources and prepare for 2023. These are the best marketing tips for indie authors from 2022.

What Sells Books in 2022: Your Author Website

An author website is a staple of every indie author's business. Especially in the time of the Creator Economy. Of course, building and launching one can feel overwhelming, but it’s the cornerstone of your author brand and book marketing. And if you’re not a web expert, you might not realise how hard your website can work for you. That's what we discuss in this post.

The Ultimate Guide to Book Fairs for Indie Authors

ALLi launched at London Book Fair in 2012. This year, we returned to celebrate our 10th birthday. Book fairs are big business and an amazing opportunity for authors to network, make friends and find businesses to collaborate with. With many fairs now reopen for in-person attendance, ALLi examined how authors can maximize their time at book fairs. And with the 2023 calendar rapidly filling, this post is a great reminder of how to prepare. 

Boost your backlist: How to Make the Most of Every Title

What’s your backlist doing for you? Your frontlist contains the newest books you’ve released and the backlist is everything else. Typically, we tend to expend the most effort on marketing our frontlist books, but backlist titles often create half a publisher's income. So how do you make the most of your backlist? That's the question we're posing and answering in this blog.

Audiobook Marketing for Indie Authors

For the last few years, audiobooks have continued to see double-digit growth. They can be big business for indie authors. But how do you promote and market them? That’s what we address in this bumper article.

Instagram for Indie Authors

Instagram is not only the perfect place to find and grow your audience, but an incredibly useful platform to connect with other authors across the world. In this article, a social media expert shows how to use instagram to boost reader engagement, establish a following and connect with potential reviewers.

Selling More Books on Kobo Writing Life

In this age of rapid tech development, marketing tactics and methods are in a constant state of flux. We asked Kobo Writing Life what tactics are working on their platform this year and they gave us a stack of advice in this article.


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  1. In 2022, books that sell well will likely be those that cover topics that are relevant to readers. This could include books about current events and social issues, books about technology and business, and books about health and wellness. Self-help books, cookbooks, and books about travel will also be popular. Fiction books that address important themes and have strong characters will also have an appeal. Finally, books by authors with a strong online presence, such as bloggers and influencers, are likely to sell well.

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