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Helen Hollick wearing a cream hat

Opinion: Why Indie Authors Must Meet Professional Production Standards – Including Cream Paper for Fiction!

As self-published authors, we may be thankful for the creative freedom allowed by our independent status – but should we also use that freedom to depart from conventional publishing production standards? Historical novelist Helen Hollick thinks not. A debate about the choice of paper colour triggered this heartfelt plea for conformity. A couple of days ago […]

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Self-published author Jan Ruth

Opinion: The Value of Free Books – by Jan Ruth

Self-published novelist Jan Ruth, based in Wales, shares the success story of how she used free book giveaways to raise her profile and boost sales of her novel Silver Rain, while querying the rights and wrongs of having to give books away in order to sell more books. ‘You’re giving away your latest title? That’s […]

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Clare Weiner

Opinion: Write From The Heart (Not For The Genre)

Choosing to self-publish liberates authors from the need to write within the constraints of fiction genres favoured by trade publishers. English novelist Clare Weiner (pen name Mari Howard) makes a compelling case for defying genre in order to write better books. We’ve bought our coffees, we’ve found a table. Way before her behind touches down […]

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The historical novelist Helen Hollick

How I Do It: Helen Hollick Shares Her Self-Publishing Success Story

USA Today bestselling historical novelist Helen Hollick is a great example of a hybrid author – trade-published (in the USA) and self-published (in the UK). A champion for indie authors everywhere, she is renowned for her generosity to other writers. She is a great role model for anyone seeking to embrace the freedoms offered by […]

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