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ALLi Out and About: 20Booksto50k Seville

Welcome back to our new series of articles ALLi Out and About. The Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi team is asking members who attend book fairs, conferences or industry events (be they in-person or online) to share the lessons they've learned attending the events. This is ALLi Out and About: 20booksto50k Seville.
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If you'd like to focus on book sales, growth and profit in 2023, join Orna Ross, founder-director of the Alliance of Independent Authors and a group of dedicated indie authors live at 5pm (UK time) on January 6th 2023, or in replay.

You have two options to attend.

Once registered, you'll be provided with full details of how to prepare and attend.

The Workshop

The workshop brings together writers from various backgrounds and experiences, but all united in their determination to make 2023 their most productive and profitable year as a self-publishing authors.

The aim is to provide supportive and collaborative environment for creative planning, enabling you to go deeply into your own publishing values and motivations, set good creative intentions, and develop an effective publishing plan for your writing and publishing in the coming year.

A series of fun and engaging activities–including brainstorming sessions, f-r-e-e-writing exercises, and prompts–will tap into your imagination and foster creative flow, so you can explore:

  • the challenges and opportunities that indie authors face in the coming year and how creative planning can help
  • the importance of rest and play to the creative process, in publishing as in writing, and the principles that enable creative publishing.
  • the three hats an indie author must wear and how to improve your abilities under each

Throughout the workshop, Orna and the group will share ideas and experiences, and tips on topics such as time management, finding inspiration, and overcoming resistance.

You'll leave with a plan for making, marketing and managing your book business already filled out, and feeling motivated, energised and raring to go.

The workshop takes place at 5pm UK time on Friday 6th January. Check this world clock to find your time–but don’t worry if you can’t make it live. There will be a replay.

Find out more about the workshops here.

Prepping for 2022 – ALLi Tools and Resources

As 2021 draws to a close, many of us start to look to 2022. Planners get purchased, memberships renewed, goals refreshed. If you're looking to the future, then today's post might help. We've outlined all the ways in which the Alliance of Independent Authors can help you during 2022. Here are ALLi's top tools and resources.
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The Ultimate Guide to Author Collaboration in Writing and Publishing

Indie authors are generous in sharing information and paying knowledge forward which has given us real competitive advantages. The Alliance of Independent Authors is built on such author collaboration. Others are entering formal collaboration partnerships in writing and publishing. Here is your Ultimate Guide to Author Collaboration in Writing and Publishing
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The Ultimate Guide to Illustrations in Books

Writing and publishing any book can be a complex process. But what happens when you want to include illustrations and you're not an artist? Today, Karen Ferreira has stepped in to give you the ultimate guide to illustrations in books and explains how and why you should use illustrations in your books. 
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How to Survive Your First Year as a Full-Time Author

Quitting your day job to write full-time is a huge achievement. But what happens when you walk away from a salary? How do you survive your first year? Alliance of Independent Authors blog manager, Sacha Black is approaching her one year anniversary and is here to share both the lessons she learned in her first year of full-time writing as well as the lessons some of our members learned. Learn how to survive your first year as a full-time author. 
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Everything you need to Know about the Self-Publishing Advice Conference

The Alliance of Independent Authors Self-Publishing Advice Conference is coming! With less than two weeks to go until the London Book Fair, our first Self-Publishing Advice Conference of 2020 is just about ready. While we’re preparing the presentations, I thought I’d share the schedule, speaker information and everything you need to know about the self-publishing advice conference so you can plan your attendance. But first...
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Five Historical Fiction Mistakes to Avoid

The Alliance of Independent Authors has members writing in all sorts of genres. But today, Andrew Noakes, founder and executive editor of The History Quill is here to go niche. Andrew discusses historical fiction and the most common mistakes you should avoid when writing in the genre.
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