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The Ultimate Guide to Author Collaboration in Writing and Publishing

Indie authors are generous in sharing information and paying knowledge forward which has given us real competitive advantages. The Alliance of Independent Authors is built on such author collaboration. Others are entering formal collaboration partnerships in writing and publishing. Here is your Ultimate Guide to Author Collaboration in Writing and Publishing
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How to Collaborate Across Genres

Co-authoring is a popular tactic for indie authors to widen their network, team up and produce books faster. But typically, co-authors come from similar genres. So what happens when your co-author is from a completely different genre? How do you work through your differences to produce a completed novel? Russell Phillips and Andrew Knighton teamed up and are here to show you how to collaborate across genres.
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New Royalty Share System for Co-Authors from Publish Drive

Co-writing has always been around. But in recent years, with the rise of faster publishing it's become more popular. One of the drawbacks of co-authoring as Indies is the lack of technology to help with royalty sharing and royalty payments. Until now. Publish Drive have launched a new royalty split system for co-authors which makes sharing royalties simple and pain-free.
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5 Top Tips for Successful Co-writing

Ever thought of co-writing with another indie author? Aria Grace believes that every author ought to at least try it once - and explains why it's a good idea and shares top tips on how to do it successfully, including advice on finance and marketing.
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5 Top Tips for Successful Author Collaboration

Ever co-authored a book? Thinking of trying collaboration as a means to increase your output of self-published books? Read Brad Borkan's top tips for effective co-writing gained from a project shared with a co-author two continents away!
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