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Publishing Services Company

How a Publishing Services Company Can Help Indie Authors: Creating Better Books, with Howard Lovy

On today's podcast: How a publishing services company can help indie authors. Every month, I'll feature an interview with an ALLi partner member who will help you at various stages in the self-publishing process, from getting the manuscript ready to ensuring it reaches your potential readers. My first guest is Michele DeFilippo of 1106 Design, which provides end-to-end book design, production, and publishing services for independent authors.
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The Seven Processes of Publishing: Design

In order to publish a book you have to follow the seven processes of publishing. Over the course of the rest of the year, the Alliance of Independent Authors AskALLi team is going to cover all seven processes. Today, we're examining the design process.
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The Ultimate Guide to Hardback and Premium Books

While the digital age combined with Covid-19 lockdown has seen an increase of readers turning to ebooks, there are a huge section of readers who are staunch paper readers and specifically, hardback or premium book readers. This is the ultimate guide to hardback and premium books
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How to DIY a Nonfiction Index (Part One)

We spend months or even years thinking about the content of our book. But how much time do we spend thinking about the front and back matter? I'm betting barely more than a few minutes. But perhaps you should. Indexes can be extremely useful for your readers. Denise Gaskin is here to explain how to DIY yourself a nonfiction index.
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Photo Of A Cross-looking Cat To Signify Pet Hates

Book Design: 8 Pet Hates in Book Cover Design

When you're so close to your book, sometimes you need to "murder your darlings" in the cover design process, as well as in the writing of it. Check this handy list to make sure you're not guilty of any of eight common pet hates in the covers of your books.
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