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Headshot of Mari Howard

Writing: On Coming Out as a Writer

When Mari Howard performed this poem at the recent Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival, it immediately chimed with the other authors in the room and elicited sympathetic but kindly laughter from the readers in the audience. Many thanks to Mari for allowing us to share it here for other indie authors to enjoy on this Writers’ […]

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Dan Holloway head and shoulders photo

Opinion: Self-Censorship & Self-Expression in Self-Publishing

As he launches “No Exit”, a dark novelette about suicide and murder, indie author and campaigner Dan Holloway considers the self-published writer’s dilemma regarding the conflicting pulls of self-censorship and self-expression, an issue he sums up neatly as “the writer’s wants versus readers’ needs”. Freedom. I don’t think anyone who self-publishes would deny that’s the […]

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Roald_Dahl (1)

Writing: Are Writers Born or Made?

How and when did your journey as a self-published writer begin? As a child, were you “always reading”? Did you fall in love with language at an early age, or find you naturally had a way with words? And did your muse arrive only in adulthood? British novelist Mari Howard posed these questions of ALLi’s […]

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Indie Authors Alliance Yearbook

The Alliance of Independent Authors Watchdog Warning: New Self-Publishing Resource from Writers & Artists

Another once-venerable publishing brand, Writers & Artists, an imprint of the Bloomsbury group, is showing little regard for writers as they move into the self-publishing arena. We’ve written here before about trade publishers like Penguin and Simon & Schuster showing insufficient care for authors as they trade on their brand-names to sell over-priced and under-performing […]

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Superb Self Publishing – the Motherlode for Overgrounding

Self publishing is at the cutting edge of the most interesting, radical and provocative writing that’s happening right now.  Dan Holloway comes up from writing his own great work to overground some others.  Underground, Overground… No, whilst they were a central part of my childhood, I’m not talking about the Wombles. In my last post here […]

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