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Book Marketing: A Case Study of the Benefits of Reading in Public – at Novel London

Online interaction and social media networking is all very well, but you can’t beat real life. Reading your work in public is a terrific way to raise your profile, connect with readers, and gain feedback and many other benefits. If you’ve never done it before, the prospect may seem scary, but the potential rewards make […]

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How to Set Up and Run an Indie Author Collective

Every ALLi member knows there is power in authors working together. Whether it is through large organisations or small groups, one-off projects, or long-term ventures, collaboration can reap huge benefits. It can also be a challenge. The Triskele Books author collective, established in 2012, has published twenty titles from its five core members plus associates. Here, […]

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How to Create a Pop-Up Bookstore

Catriona Troth, novelist and member of the influential Triskele Books collective, explains how to reach more readers for your self-published books by setting up your own pop-up bookstore. Some of the most energising times I have spent in the last few years have been at gatherings of indie authors. But so often, in those gatherings, […]

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Opinion: We Need to Talk About Content, Not Sales Figures

British indie author and journalist Catriona Troth provides a constructive riposte to the media’s often over-reductive response to self-published authors’ success. She also generously offers an excellent opportunity for all self-published authors to draw attention to the quality of other indie authors’ books. One of my recurring frustrations is that 95% of the media coverage […]

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