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Short Fiction

Matty Dalrymple and Mark Lefebvre: Reaching More Readers with Your Short Fiction — Self-Publishing Conference Highlight

In this Self-Publishing Conference Highlight, authors and educators Matty Dalrymple and Mark Lefebvre explore ways writers can use their short fiction to connect with more readers, while generating income at the same time. Opportunities in anthologies, foreign language markets, and audio, as well as effective use of short fiction as reader magnets or reader funnels are covered, alongside creative ideas such as incorporating short fiction in location-based apps, or using micro-fiction as part of your bookstore pitches.
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The Ultimate Guide to Reader Magnets for Indie Authors

Reader Magnets, Lead Magnet, Freebies. All words that get flung around the indie sphere a lot. But what do they mean? Why are they so useful and what sort of thing should you create anyway? These are the questions we will cover in today's post: The Ultimate Guide to Reader Magnets.
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