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Headshot of Samantha Warren

Writing: Why Now’s A Good Time to Self-Publish Serial Fiction

American self-published fantasy novelist Samantha Warren draws our attention to the growing market and potential success of serial fiction, drawing on her own experience as the author of a best-selling ten-part sequence of novellas about vampires. The Penny Dreadful Gets a New Skin  Ce-re-al [seer-ee-uh l]: any plant of the gra… Se-ri-al [seer-ee-uh l]: anything […]

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Secrets to a Successful Series by Addison Moore

First and foremost, there aren’t any hard and fast secrets to a successful series, there are only ideas that, through hard work and passion, can be plausible avenues to propel your private manifesto into a story that is wildly embraced by readers the world over, or in the least hopefully your mother will like it. […]

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