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How Indie Authors Should Approach Change in the Publishing industry

Samantha Warren, US author of speculative fiction, highlights one of the many benefits of being a self-published author: the ease with which we may accommodate changes in the publishing industry. Publishing is tough, no matter which way you go. But if you want to succeed in this crazy world of writing, you need to have maneuverability. One […]

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Is Crowdfunding Publishing’s New Gatekeeper?

Just when we thought we had kicked the gatekeepers of the traditional publishing industry into touch, along comes another challenge: crowdfunding. American fantasy novelist Samantha Warren predicts that crowdfunders will become the new gatekeepers for indie authors who want to self-publish their books, putting the power in the hands of readers rather than executives. But […]

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Writing: Why Now’s A Good Time to Self-Publish Serial Fiction

American self-published fantasy novelist Samantha Warren draws our attention to the growing market and potential success of serial fiction, drawing on her own experience as the author of a best-selling ten-part sequence of novellas about vampires. The Penny Dreadful Gets a New Skin  Ce-re-al [seer-ee-uh l]: any plant of the gra… Se-ri-al [seer-ee-uh l]: anything […]

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