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Self-Publishers: How You Can Get Your Questions Answered

Self-publishing (and indeed writing) is often misconceived as a purely solitary business – which makes life a little difficult when you encounter a question which hasn’t got an immediate, self-generated answer. We’re always keen to remove the association between independent and isolated, as our members will testify– which is why we wanted to introduce you […]

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ALLi News: Creating Something Constructive out of Controversy

Summer is here in London, temperatures are rising – and so it seems is the general pulse of the self-publishing world. From author earnings through to award schemes, it’s incredible to see so much debate happening in writing-related matters. Understanding and exploring the very real and tangible issues beneath these fanned controversies – writing as […]

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Orna Ross, Director of The Alliance of Independent Authors.

ALLi News: A Message from Orna

When I left my publisher for the creative freedom of going it alone, I was delighted to find a community of likeminded people, who weren’t afraid to take control of their own work and show the rest of the world that there are many pathways to excellence in writing and publishing. ALLi was started in […]

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Dan Holloway, indie author and performance poet

How I Do It: Successful Indie Authors Share Their Secrets. This week: Dan Holloway

The conversation around successful self-publishing too often revolves around sales. Today’s super-successful indie is Dan Holloway,  a beacon for literary values in a commercial age.  Here he shares the secrets that have made him a success in the only terms that count: his own. What’s the secret of your success? For me, success comes when […]

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Indie Authors: Feeling Overwhelmed? Tolstoy Has The Answer.

  Before we get back to normal transmission next week, we thought you might like Tolstoy’s answer to the indie author’s perennial dilemma of feeling pulled in all directions.We’re author-publishers, which means we’re writers and publishers, each of which is a full time job for lots of other people. We have to be design and […]

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Happy Holiday!

The Self Publishing Advice blog is taking a holiday. We’ll be back on August 28th, to kick off  an exciting end-of-year blog programme.  In the meantime, contacts, connections, learning and campaigning goes on  at the Alliance of Independent Authors. Not yet a member? We’d love you to join us . Happy August and see you soon!

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