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Self-Publishers: How You Can Get Your Questions Answered

Self-Publishers: How You Can Get Your Questions Answered

Self-publishing (and indeed writing) is often misconceived as a purely solitary business – which makes life a little difficult when you encounter a question which hasn’t got an immediate, self-generated answer. We’re always keen to remove the association between independent and isolated, as our members will testify– which is why we wanted to introduce you to a couple of ways you can get your self-publishing questions answered.


ALLi Insights – online seminars that address your current concerns

Our ALLi insights seminars are a great way to grapple with some of the issues and questions surrounding some hot topic issues. Take our next seminar, which runs online on Tuesday 5th August at 7pm GMT/3pm EST/12pm PST. Orna will be chatting to Tom Chalmers, MD of IPR License, a global rights platform that helps indies find ways of marketing and selling the rights to their work.

Tom, MD of IPR License and founder of Legend Press, will be on hand to explain more about the world of rights and why it matters to indie authors, but the seminar is also a great opportunity to address the recent scrutiny surrounding one of the most important new writing awards for indie authors, The Guardian Self Publishing Book of the Month. As MD and Founder of Legend Press (who are co-creators of the award), the seminar is also a chance for constructive and productive dialogue addressing some of the very real concerns brought up by our members . If you’d like to take part, don’t forget to send if your questions, so we can et them answered.

ALLi Member Q&A’s

We also run a monthly drop in event for members with Joanna Penn and Orna, offering our members a chance to get their self-publishing questions answered. You can always catch up on previous events via the ALLi Youtube Channel, and we also archive the videos in the members section for your benefit.

The ALLi Facebook Forum

We’ve been delighted with how our members have taken to our Facebook forum – a place where any ALLi member can go and get a response to just about any question they want answered. The threads are always lively and there have been numerous occasions where they’ve inspired posts on this very blog. Members, there’s a fantastic introductory post here which explains more – and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Making the Most of Your ALLi Membership series, which offers plenty of ways to maximise your membership.

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