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ALLi News: Creating Something Constructive Out Of Controversy

ALLi News: Creating Something Constructive out of Controversy

Summer is here in London, temperatures are rising – and so it seems is the general pulse of the self-publishing world. From author earnings through to award schemes, it’s incredible to see so much debate happening in writing-related matters. Understanding and exploring the very real and tangible issues beneath these fanned controversies – writing as a career or vocation; reaching readers and increasing your visibility – is necessary if we’re to navigate around the noise and discontent.

At ALLi, we’re not keen on unnecessary argument or forced consensus, so would like to use this summer-time here as a time to engage and create something constructive beyond the noise, wherever you are.


Join us to understand the world of book rights

An expanded seminar with IPR License

We’ve rescheduled and expanded our seminar on rights with IPR License, and Tom Chalmers, MD of IPR License and founder of Legend Press, will be on hand to explain more about the world of rights and why it matters to indie authors.

The name Legend Press may ring a bell with those who followed the recent scrutiny of the around one of the most important writing awards for indie authors, The Guardian Self Publishing Book of the Month. There’s a well articulated account of some of the concerns by ALLi member JJ Marsh here for a bit of background. And we really are pleased Tom has agreed to address some of these criticisms in this seminar. We hope it’s an opportunity for constructive and productive dialogue, so please do let us know if there is anything you’d like to raise prior to the event.


Money and Books – a sticky subject we're exploring

An exclusive survey for ALLi members –

Following the comments on our post on Author Earnings from last week, we have got together with Reedsy to help create a survey of author earnings for self-publishers. In Reedsy’s own words:

A few weeks ago, the ALCS survey showed that UK author earnings are shrinking to alarming numbers. However, that survey was conducted primarily on mainstream published authors, and while some of them (20%) declared they also self-published, we feel this is not representative of the indie community.

That is the reason why we created our own survey: we have a great opportunity to gain a better insight on how much indies spend on average per book, and how well they recoup this investment.

Think of it as a self-assessment of the indie community.

The survey has been created by Ricardo and Dave at Reedsy, with the collaboration of the ALLi. It is aimed exclusively at ALLi members and you’ll find the link right here if you want to take part. 

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