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Watchdog Advisory: ProofProfessor

During the first quarter of 2017, ALLi’s Watchdog Desk received several complaints about a company known as ProofProfessor. The complaints were not about the proofreading services offered by the company. Rather, they described a troubling and consistent pattern of behavior by ProofProfessor’s founder, Matt Rance. In each case, Mr. Rance approached an author or publisher […]

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Woman with hands over her eyes and a book on her lap

Dealing with Friends’ Reactions to Your Writing

Following Francis Guenette’s thoughtful post on how to share your writing with your partner, we’ve been chatting on the ALLi Facebook forum (open to ALLi members only – another great reason to join our organisation!) about the difficulties of dealing with friends’ reactions to your books. Or in many cases, their complete lack of reaction! […]

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Cover of Worlds within Worlds by Tahlia Newland

Writing: How to Deal with Bad Reviews

Australian author Tahlia Newland, who also founded and runs the Awesome Indies book appraisal programme, shares the psychology of dealing with any negative reviews that may befall your self-published books, to help indie authors everywhere deal constructively with criticism, and to learn and grow from it, rather than losing confidence or motivation. Truth is essential, […]

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