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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Book Reviews

Arguably, when you publish a new book, gaining reviews is a key book-marketing activity; possibly the most important of all marketing tasks. But it's hard, and the rules about what you can and can't do constantly change. This is the ultimate guide to getting book reviews.
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What Happens When Readers Rebel?

A one star review is always difficult to see, but it's also a right of passage. You only have to look at Stephen King or J.K. Rowling's reviews to know that no author gets away with five star reviews forever. The odd one star review is manageable. But what happens when readers rebel? Eliza Green, ALLi author member, looks at the latest Patricia Cornwell novel, Quantum, and the shocking response it received on publication.
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Is It Ever Okay to Buy Reviews?

Ask any author's group when you should pay for reviews, and the answer will usually be a resounding "NEVER!" But is that true? That depends on what type of review is involved, and how those reviews are obtained.
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