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Opinion: Why It’s Good to Get Bad Reviews

Theo Rogers turns the issue in his book “How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon” on its head and explains why indie authors should also welcome occasional bad reviews. Why Bad Reviews Can Be Good for Self-published Authors Everyone gets bad reviews. Yes, everyone. Pick the books you consider the greatest works of literary genius ever […]

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Opinion: Why We Need to Talk About Ethics in Self-publishing

Historical novelist Jane Steen turns the spotlight on ethical issues  – an aspect of self-publishing that she deems to be as important as quality in gaining wider acceptance of self-published books. I’m enthusiastic about the Open Up To Indies campaign, looking forward to the day when it’s commonplace to see indie authors everywhere—bookstores, libraries and […]

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Watchdog: Is A Kirkus Review Worth The Price?

ALLi Watchdog Giacomo Giammatteo provides a balanced and objective appraisal of Kirkus, the paid review service used by some indie authors who hope it will add credibility to their self-published books – but does it also bring sales? While researching this post, I spoke to six authors on the phone and communicated with more than […]

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Self-published author J R Sheridan

The Psychology of the Put-Down, or Why Being a Self-Published Writer is a Bit Like Being a Bouncer

As an interesting aside to the continuing debate about hostile reviewers, thriller writer James Sheridan finds similarities between his dual roles as a self-published author and a door operative, commonly known as a bouncer. Freshers week is upon us at my local town’s university. As a door supervisor I start a week-long stretch of late […]

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Tahlia Newland of Awesome Indie.

Indie Authors: Reach New Readers With Indie Book Evaluators (Part 2 of 2)

Indie book evaluation sites assure readers of the quality of self-published books, but how can indie authors get involved? Find out today from Tahlia Newland of Awesome Indies.  Also take a look at our previous interview with  Jessica Bennett of Compulsion Reads.  Why did you decide to set up an evaluation programme for indie books? […]

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