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How To Get Editorial Reviews

How to Get Editorial Reviews for Your Self-Published Book

Who says it's impossible to get editorial reviews for your self-published book? Granted, it may not seem easy, and as indie authors we may not have the established relationships with endorsers that traditional publishers have. But as Boni Wagner-Stafford explains, that's no reason not to try.
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Get An Author Photo Readers Will Love

How to Get an Author Photo Readers Will Love

Many indie authors struggle with how to handle their author photo. They’re shy, or modest, or frugal, and don’t want to hire a professional photographer “just” for their author photo. Here’s why Boni Wagner-Stafford, ALLi's communications manager and co-founder of ALLi Partner Member Ingenium Books, believes you should.
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Successful Book Fair Thumb

Planning For a Successful Book Fair

With book marketing consistently ranked as one of the top challenges for the self-publishing author, you might wonder whether paying to participate in book fairs is worth the money and the effort. Indie author and ALLi member Sue Rovens provides recommended do's and don't's for a successful book fair, based on her personal experience. 
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AskALLi Podcast Fringe Highlight Logo

Fringe Highlight Podcast: Author Tools to Reach Readers

In this Fringe Highlight podcast from Carla King you will learn how to vary pricing to leverage the power of free without sacrificing profit; how to generate a monthly income with subscriptions to your works-in-progress, how to pre-sell, and what tools you can use to reach readers.
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