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ebook libraries are a great way to reach readers

Ebook Library Services For Self-Publishing Authors

Andrew Lowe, UK indie author, offers an in-depth review of which library services are best for self-publishing authors. Discoverability is one of the key challenges facing independent authors. How do you get your book in front of readers and make an impression that could potentially lead to sales and enhance your credibility and visibility? One solution […]

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Headshot of Jim with a pet dog

ALLi Watchdog Jim needs your help

Orna Ross Writes: Normally our news posts are about services or events that help you. This week, we’re calling on your help for an outstanding contributor to the indie author movement. I’ve never met Jim Giammatteo in person (except on Skype) but through the wonders of the Internet, I’ve had the pleasure of working with […]

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Asuthors pay the price for free ebooks

Smashwords Commended by ALLi’s Author Service Award 2014

In today’s Opinion slot,  Giacomo Giammatteo of our Watchdog team, fresh from updating ALLi’s guide book Choosing A Self-Publishing Service, pays tribute to Smashwords, which has just been awarded ALLi’s Author Service Award 2014. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ll come right out and say it – the publishing world is in an obvious state […]

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mark coker

Mark Coker’s Smart Self-publishing Strategies. Part Two: Merchandising For Apple iBooks.

Normally on a Sunday, we run a feature called “How I Do It” that focusses on super-successful indies. Today, in the second part of a two-part series where Mark Coker, Advisor to ALLi and founder of Smashwords, teaches how to give yourself the best chance of success too. This presentation is all about giving your books […]

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How I Earn A Living As An Indie Author: I Do It My Way

In a presentation hailed as “inspirational” at a recent  Edinburgh publishing conference, self-published writer Linda Gillard described how going indie brought her commercial success. Below she shares the key points of her speech and her conclusions from attending the conference. There’s no doubt about it – the publishing world is gradually opening up to indies. […]

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Photo of Mark Coker with bookshelves

Why We Survey Indie Books & Behaviour at Smashwords by ALLi Advisor Mark Coker

In the old world of print publishing, publishers controlled the printing press, the access to retail distribution, and the knowledge necessary for profession publishing.  These are the three essential legs of the publishing stool, and it’s what we seek to deliver to Smashwords authors. This third leg, knowledge, is what inspired my three free ebooks […]

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