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Mark Coker’s Smart Self-publishing Strategies. Part Two: Merchandising For Apple IBooks.

Mark Coker’s Smart Self-publishing Strategies. Part Two: Merchandising For Apple iBooks.

mark cokerNormally on a Sunday, we run a feature called “How I Do It” that focusses on super-successful indies.

Today, in the second part of a two-part series where Mark Coker, Advisor to ALLi and founder of Smashwords, teaches how to give yourself the best chance of success too.

This presentation is all about giving your books a good outing in the Apple iBook Store.

Some of it is general information about merchandising for any online etailer. Much of it is Apple specific.

It's a long presentation — almost two-and-a-half-hours — so get yourself some time and space, a long drink, notebook and pen and learn what you need to know:

  • How To Reach More Readers
  • How to give your books the best chance of breaking out
  • Examples of authors who have succeeded
  • Special indie-author only opportunities at Apple
  • How Smashwords advocate for promotion for some of their 60,000 indie authors

Click here to see/hear the presentation


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  1. Hello Orna: Thank you and Alli so much for Mark Cokers presentaton. I took the marathon trip. He is one of the best presenters I have listened to, or watched. Sincere with no self-serving pushy claims for Smashwords as a distributor. I heartily recommend that every Alli member… or if no a membert, take the tme to move this event to their Drafts folder and watch and study Mark’s message several times. It is well worth the effort to get your E-book into Smashwords’ Premium Catalogue.


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