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Mark Coker, ALLi Advisor, To Give Two Workshops For Members

Mark Coker, ALLi Advisor, To Give Two Workshops for Members

Mark Coker, Self Publisher

Mark Coker, Smashwords Founder and Alliance of Independent Author's Advisor

Mark your diaries (pardon the pun!) for our first online event of the autumn. Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords and Advisor to The Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), will give a two-part online workshop on Sept 18th.

This is a member-only event and a video will be made available in the Member Zone for those who are unable to attend, or wish to re-watch again later.

Part 1. Smart Publishing Strategies for Indie Authors. 2pm PST (Vancouver); 5pm  EST (NYC); 10pm BST (London) 

As founder of Smashwords, the world's largest indie ebook distributor, Mark Coker is uniquely placed to tell indie authors what works and what doesn't. In this one-hour workshop he shares the insider secrets to smart publishing and promotion.

Part 2. Merchandising For Apple: Indie Author Workshop 3:15pm PST (Vancouver); 6.15 pm EST (NYC); 11.15pm BST (London)

Apple’s iBookstore this year launched Breakout Books in the U.S., a new book merchandising feature that showcases books from popular self-published authors. In this one-hour workshop for pro indie authors, Mark shows how to merchandise your books for Apple.

The event is presented by Shindig, the great online books platform where all the participants can see each other in a shared space, move freely in and out of conversation, and address questions to the speaker or entire group.Joining a Shindig is so easy. Just turn up to the event, enter your name and email and – voila – you're in the room. No codes, passwords or hassle.

NOTE: Shindig completely depends on your computer and Internet access providing sufficient bandwidth for an online presentation. For best connection, make sure you close down all other windows in your browser. If your wireless internet connection is not great, plug in with an ethernet cable.

The event page is: HERE

Members: Please RSVP HERE to tell us you are attending.


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