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Opinion: Why Indie Authors Shouldn’t Pay for PR Services

In response to recent reports on ALLi’s Facebook forum from indie authors disappointed by poor results from professional PR campaigns, bestselling novelist Linda Gillard, a long-standing member of ALLi, draws on her own experience to explain why she thinks self-published authors don’t need to splash out for such services and how they can build a […]

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Writing: Feel the Fear and Write It Anyway

Launching Cauldstane, her seventh novel, has a special significance for Linda Gillard, because the book embodies her response to her diagnosis of cancer and marks her “return to self” as she emerges from the aftermath of treatment. This is an inspiring post about an indomitable creative spirit empowered by writing and self-publishing in the face […]

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How I Earn A Living As An Indie Author: I Do It My Way

In a presentation hailed as “inspirational” at a recent  Edinburgh publishing conference, self-published writer Linda Gillard described how going indie brought her commercial success. Below she shares the key points of her speech and her conclusions from attending the conference. There’s no doubt about it – the publishing world is gradually opening up to indies. […]

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Guest Post: Independent Authors and Visibility by Linda Gillard

  In an over-crowded marketplace, we assume it’s reviews that sell books and, predictably, it’s now possible to buy “honest reviews”. Could paid-for reviews be a good investment? Possibly, but I think we should be asking ourselves a different question—how do books find their readers? Or, to put it another way, what makes a book visible […]

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