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Member Milestones: Celebrating Your Success

Every single day, our members are achieving their dreams and reaching new heights in their author businesses. Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors is starting a new series of posts celebrating your success. It is a huge achievement to reach the end of a draft, let alone publish a book. To continue striving towards your goals is an incredible feat of determination and we are very proud of all of our members at every level.
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How Authors Plan For Success Graphic

How Indie Authors Plan for Publishing Success: Producing, Processing & Promoting

A to-do list works as a planning method only for those writers who have third-party publishers (and other people whose job is straightforward and singular). If all you have to do today, tomorrow, and forever is get words done, drafted and delivered, then a list will serve you just fine. But indie authors are creative directors of an author-publishing business, a much more complex endeavor.
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Set Yourself up for Success in 2020 and Overcome Mindset Blocks

It's fair to say that at some point in your writing career you're going to experience doubt. There's something insidious in our brains that pops up just at the wrong time. Steven Pressfield calls it Resistance, others call it doubt, imposter syndrome, block. Whatever you refer to it as, I think we can all agree it exists. ALLi author member Alice Briggs is here to show you how to defeat the beast and set yourself up for success in 2020.
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F-R-E-E-Writing Advice From Orna Ross

Once a month Orna Ross's Go Creative! Show focuses on Creative Writing, and last week we were introduced to the joy of F.R.E.E. Writing and the benefit of setting goals and creative intentions that can motivate you to achieve meaningful interactions with your readers, or other authors.
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