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F-R-E-E-Writing Advice From Orna Ross

F-R-E-E-Writing Advice From Orna Ross

In this week's creative writing episode Orna Ross focussed on F.R.E.E. Writing

F.R.E.E. stands for Fast, Raw, Exact and Easy, and this technique is an excellent way for you to ignite and harness what Orna calls “the create-state”.

  • F is for fast – write as fast as you possibly can.
  • R is for raw – In the first instance you’re going to make spelling mistakes, get your punctuation wrong, and secondly just let your words flow.
  • E is for exact but easy. We aim to write in a very visceral way, that uses our five senses and pinpoints what we’re actually seeing in our lives.

After a review of how to boost your creative activities by adding F.R.E.E. writing into your writer's schedule, Orna gave long list of inspiring tips and ideas and chatted to Chris Dunmire of Creativity Portal, who has carried a summary of the method here

You can buy Orna's specially designed f-r-e-e-writing notebooks on Amazon and from the Self-Publishing Advice website.


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