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Latest Creative Writing Advice From Orna Ross’s Go Creative! Show

Latest Creative Writing Advice From Orna Ross’s Go Creative! Show

The Go Creative! Show Orna RossOnce a month Orna Ross's Go Creative! Show focuses on Creative Writing, and last week we were introduced to the joy of F.R.E.E. Writing and the benefit of setting goals and creative intentions that can motivate you to achieve meaningful interactions with your readers, or other authors.

The Go Creative! Show Podcast

There was thought-provoking double-header from Orna in the first Creative Writing Show, which introduced an incredible tool for creative living, which is also for non-writers, and has the potential to heal and transform as well as foster creative flow.

FREE writing Go Creative Orna RossF.R.E.E. Writing

F.R.E.E. stands for Fast, Raw, Exact and Easy, and this technique is an excellent way for you to ignite and harness the create-state

F is for fast – write as fast as you possibly can.

R is for raw – In the first instance you’re going to make spelling mistakes, get your punctuation wrong, and secondly just let your words flow.

E is for exact but easy. We aim to write in a very visceral way, that uses our five senses and pinpoints what we’re actually seeing in our lives.

After a review of how to boost your creative activities by adding F.R.E.E. writing into your writer's schedule, Orna chatted with Dan Blank from We Grow Media.

Setting Goals for Meaningful Interactions

Dan helps writers and creative professionals share their stories and connect with their audience, and he chatted about setting goals (what Orna refers to as creative intentions). They looked at the experiences we as authors want to create for ourselves, but also the impact on other people. Dan outlined a three step process about how we can add meaningful interactions to our writing week.

One way of turning around social media is thinking: “Have you had three meaningful interactions this week with followers?” … Or “I pushed myself to send out three requests to people for interviews.”

Motivated to take Action

This segment was a really good reminder about how simple it is to achieve your goals and objectives by setting yourself smaller tasks to avoid getting overwhelmed. After listening to this podcast I set myself a weekly goal of reaching out to three thought-leaders within my writing genre, who I wanted to collaborate with. It's a task that I've been putting off, even though I have built up a huge list of contacts.

So instead of thinking “what's in in for me?”, I turned my approach on its head and asked myself “what's in it for them?” This made it easier to reach out and start a conversation, and by setting a weekly limit of three interactions, this weekly goal is manageable and achievable.

I did my three reach outs for the week, and I can happily report that I've had three responses already, and one is eager to collaborate. Imagine if I can achieve this success rate each week!

Creative Inspiration

If you're looking for some creative writing inspiration and need a nudge in the direction of F.R.E.E. Writing, or need motivation to start achieving your goals and objectives, this weekly 30 minute broadcast will hold your hand on the journey, and give you an injection of motivation to get started on a task you've been procrastinating on.

It worked for me.

Click here for a full transcript of this Broadcast

To find out more about Orna's Go Creative! Show, Creative Writing, Creative Publishing or Creative Living you can visit her website at and other episodes of the Show can be found here.

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