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Associate Member Successes 2019

Associate Member Successes 2019

During November we asked our members to tell us about their successes during 2019. Today, ALLi member Kayleigh Brindley rounds up some of our associate member successes from 2019.

Kayleigh Brindley

Associate Member Successes 2019

Thanks to the advice she gained from the ALLi Member Forum, Lizzy Mumfry found success with her second novel. Her book, Be Careful Who You Marry, has surpassed 1,000 buyers thanks to the addition of a catchy tagline.

Nadia Stewart-McMeel celebrated a huge milestone in the life of a writer by submitting her work to an editor.

For Marianne Johansen, 2019 has seen the publication of her collection of poetry and lyrics – a fantastic achievement!

Associate Member Laura Carter has had a very productive year and is finishing up by working on an edit of her first novel whilst her fourth picture book is being illustrated.

Photo by H.L. Phoenix

H. L. Phoenix illustrated and published his very first children's book in June this year under his own self-publishing company, and following its early success has gone on to create an interactive e-book version in two languages!

Despite a major operation in June 2019, associate member Maureen Slaven has written two-thirds of her book and it was fantastic to see how our amazing members rallied to send her reassurance and good wishes.

Marie-Claire Allington has lots to celebrate as she's learned to navigate life's distractions whilst continuing to write!

Following the release of her first space fantasy novel in September, Amy Tychell has discovered a world of self-development through indie publishing and has since gone on to write half of her second novel, a short story (due to release this month) and to work on her author website.

Claire Pendarves found success in 2019 thanks to advice from ALLi Director Orna Ross in one of #AskALLi's podcasts.

“Orna I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your advice recently on the podcast. You said if we were stuck in the middle of the book we should write the final chapter. I did – and I’ve finished! And yes, you were right – I was nearer the end than I imagined.”

Michelle Olson is on a roll after finishing her book this year. She's spent a lot of time studying self-publishing and has now started her own publishing company – set to launch in January 2020.

Associate Member SI Clarke has a lot to be proud of this year after completing several rounds of writing and re-writing, finding the right editor, going through developmental editing, diversity reading, copy editing, proofreading, and cover design. Wow!

Claire Gillen is planning to celebrate in 2020 by moving from associate member to author member as her first book is almost complete!

Kerena Swan is celebrating the end of the year with the release of her self-published Crime Thriller, Who's There? which is already garnering fantastic reviews. Kerena hopes that the book will help to raise awareness about the dangers of drugs and how gangs target the vulnerable.

After years of struggle, hard work and perseverance, the end of 2019 brings the release of Stephanie Lam's novel Unfrazzle: The Easy Way To Reclaim Your Calm ever closer.

To finish off what has been a fantastic range of successes from our Associate Members, Lisa Machin is celebrating being halfway through the first draft of the first book in her murder mystery series which has a planned release of Spring 2020. She's also written a short novella from the same series as an exclusive gift for her website subscribers. But most importantly, after years of writing, she's finally referring to herself as a writer!


What successes have you had this year?

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