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Member Milestones: Celebrating Your Success

Member Milestones: Celebrating Your Success

Every single day, our members are achieving their dreams and reaching new heights in their author businesses. Today, the Alliance of Independent Authors is starting a new series of posts celebrating your success. It is a huge achievement to reach the end of a draft, let alone publish a book. To continue striving towards your goals is an incredible feat of determination and we are very proud of all of our members at every level.

Samantha Brutus Headshot

Samantha Brutus, Associate Member

Associate Member

Samantha Brutus is a Guyana author. Find out more about her Instagram.


My book is almost to be completed. It's at the illustration stage.

Why are you Proud?

I ignore the bully in my head and take that leap.

What Have You Learned?

To never give up on yourself even though you have all the right to.

William Brinkman headshot

William Brinkman, Author

Author Member

William Brinkman blogs and writes Urban Fantasy. Find out more about him on his Facebook.


I will release my third book on March 7, 2023, A Fire in the Shadows: A Bolingbrook Babbler Story

Why are you Proud?

This is the fastest I've ever gone from idea to published book. It took me six months to get this novelette published, and I've very happy that most ARC readers have given it either 4 our 5 star reviews.

What Have You Learned?

I learned that I can write stories that I enjoy, and be able to market. I also discovered that I like making TikTok videos, and enjoy watching BookTok videos. 

Eliza Osborn Authorpreneur headshot

Eliza Osborn, Authorpreneur

Authorpreneur Member

Eliza Osborn is a writer and ghostwriter of multiple genres. Find out more about her on her Instagram.


Publication of The Love I Meant, a young adult historical crime novel set in 1916 New York.

Why are you Proud?

I wrote this book more than ten years ago, and great agents were very interested in it, but they said they “just couldn't sell it.” Having been working with authors for a while now, helping them achieve their own successes, I decided it was time I put my power into my own book.

What Have You Learned?

Just because the traditional publishers couldn't sell it, it doesn't mean I can't. 


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