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Headshot of Yvonne Hertzberger

Writing Magical Realism

Freedom to write in the genre of your choice, and to swap and to blend genres, is one of the many advantages of being an indie author. You can write what you want to write, and worry about the genre later – and even invent one of your own, if your work doesn’t neatly fit […]

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Wordle made up of words about theme

Writing: Choosing Theme and Genre

In a reprise of recent lectures he has given on the subject of Theme and Genre, Irish hybrid author Laurence O’Bryan welcomes the new freedom offered by the indie publishing movement for authors to write what they want to write and what readers truly want to read. Why do some books sell, and others don’t? […]

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The author Michael La Ronn

Writing: How Poetry Helped My Prose

Self-published writer of novels, poetry, short stories and more, Michael La Ronn describes how his early ventures of writing poetry made him a better writer of prose in the long term. I began my writing career as a part-time poet. I had graduated college, started a real job in the insurance industry, and I believed […]

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