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AI Art: How Will It Affect Indie Authors?

Illustrators, commerical artists, stock photographers, game art developers, and book cover designers are eyeing the dramatic debut of AI art with considerable alarm. Is the pushbutton simplicity of artificial intelligence about to replace professional artists?
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What is a Cover Information Sheet?

Every reader has had a book cover catch their eye from the shelves of a bookstore, or even from a long list of Amazon search results. Sometimes all it takes is one glance. But how do you go from twinkle in your eye idea to reader grabbing cover design? Tim McConnehey, founder of Izzard Ink explains how the cover information sheet is central to taking your concept to completed commission.
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Photo Of A Cross-looking Cat To Signify Pet Hates

Book Design: 8 Pet Hates in Book Cover Design

When you're so close to your book, sometimes you need to "murder your darlings" in the cover design process, as well as in the writing of it. Check this handy list to make sure you're not guilty of any of eight common pet hates in the covers of your books.
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