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Opinion posts on a topical, controversial or interesting self-publishing issue. By ALLi Director, Orna Ross, on the first Monday of each month and other ALLi members on the other Mondays.


Is Exploiting Self-Publishing Authors To Be The New Publishing Model?

Is the new business model for publishers to be selling over-priced and under-performing services to writers? That’s the question that needs to be asked as Simon & Schuster (S&S) links with Author Solutions (AS) to run their new self-publishing service, Archway. And same question to Penguin-Pearson, who kicked off this trend with their purchase of AS […]

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NYT bestselling author and ghostwriter Joni Rodgers

Amazon Is Censoring Self-Publisher’s Reviews says Indie Author and Bookseller, Joni Rodgers

Long before I was a writer, I was a voracious reader. I enjoy excellent work in every genre. PR reps, editors and publishers frequently ask me to blurb, review and blog about their books, and over the years, I’ve done dozens of reviews in a number of venues, including Amazon. As part of its sweeping […]

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Photo of Mark Coker with bookshelves

“Amazon Is Playing Indie Authors Like Pawns” says Mark Coker of Smashwords

MONDAY OPINION.  Guest Post by Mark Coker. For more of Mark’s  thoughts on the dangers of exclusivity and importance of distribution to all retailers, see his free ebook, SECRETS TO EBOOK PUBLISHING SUCCESS. Every indie should get their books distributed to as many retailers as possible. Every author should be at Amazon, but they should […]

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I Have A Publisher Now But I’m Still Indie

Our book of the month for October is Finding Emma by Steena Holmes, recently picked up for an Amazon promotion that took it from earning around $5,000 a month to over $100,000. Yes, per month.  Here Steena talks about her decision to add a trade publisher to her indie author partnerships. Until last month, the […]

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Definition of Indie Author

What Is An Indie Author?

We’re ‘indies’, right? Indie authors? Most of us have embraced the term and have some idea what we mean by the concept. But there’s a lot of confusion out there, with people using the term ‘indie’ interchangeably with ‘self-publisher’, and people meaning wildly different things when they use those words. Here at The Alliance of […]

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The Alliance of Independent Authors logo

Why Self-Publishing ?

Welcome!  You’ve found your way to the very first post by the Alliance of Independent Authors, here on our brand new self-publishing advice blog. A lot of people ask us why are so many authors going indie and self-publishing these days? The short answer is: because we can. Self-publication served only a tiny number of […]

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