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Self-publishing News: A New Home

Excuse me while I just settle down and get comfortable in my new home here on a Tuesday. I look forward to welcoming you here. OK, now I’ve popped next door to Monday’s opinion column and borrowed a pint of milk, here we go. Kobo In case it sometimes seems that when it comes to ebook […]

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Book Marketing: A Quick Start Guide to Using MailChimp for the Email Marketing of Self-published Books

Indie author and podcaster Paul Teague helps you tame that most helpful monkey: MailChimp, the free email marketing service. What Is Email Marketing? Email marketing allows you to capture the names and email addresses of your prospects and customers via a simple online form. It facilitates follow-up at scale via a web-based email service, allowing authors […]

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Book Marketing: How to Use MailChimp and Bookfunnel to Grow Your Author Mailing List

It’s received wisdom in the world of self-publishing that authors should strive to develop email lists of readers interested in their writing. Author design consultant and ALLi partner member Aimee Coveney describes the mechanics of a simple, affordable way to do so: setting up free ebook giveaways to attract signings, using a winning combination of […]

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Dan Holloway Indie Author Fringe Speaker

This Week’s Self-publishing News

I think people must have got jealous of the table I spent last week talking about and chopped it up for fire wood because my, is it just me or has it been getting a little hot in indie land this week! Anything that gets people talking about self-publishing is a good thing, but at times […]

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Debbie Young

Reaching Readers with Author Newsletters

What can an author newsletter do for you that you’re not already getting from Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Google+, your author website and blog? This excellent question was raised recently within our private Facebook group, and many members shared their own thoughts and experiences. ALLi blog editor Debbie Young sums up their advice and provides tips […]

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