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Email Marketing For Authors

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Authors Part 1: Mailing List Strategy

In a three-part series starting today, the Alliance of Independent Authors #AskALLi team explores mailing lists, how to set them up, how to grow them, manage them and most importantly, build and sustain relationships and connections with your readers. With deep thanks to all of our members who contributed insightful comments and a special thanks to Heide Goody, Joseph Alexander and Wendy H Jones for their contributions as well as all the other members who took the time to respond. This is the ultimate guide to mailing lists for indie authors part 1. 
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How to ignite your email list with Joel Friedlander and Nick Stephenson

As authors, we all know the role that social media plays in our ability to connect with readers, but the most beneficial ways of building a 1:1 relationship with your potential customers is via your email list. Listen to the actionable tips and sound advice from Joel Friedlander and Nick Stephenson about how to ignite your email list.
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