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Encore Opinion: Be a Tolerant #IndieAuthor

It's vital that we support each other if we want to continue to grow the indie community. In today's encore post, Barb Drozdowich says indie authors need to be more tolerant of each others' strengths and weaknesses, especially with regard to technical skills. From the perspective of a technical trainer, she explains how it's too easy for those with strong IT skills to inadvertently bully, belittle and upset those who struggle, and reminds us of the need to be more sensitive, especially when responding to comments on social media. 
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Cover Of The February Issue Of The Tetbury Advertiser

Writing for Local Magazines – Is It Worthwhile?

When we're aiming at marketing our books worldwide, it's easy to ignore small parochial writing opportunities - but don't be too hasty to dismiss what could provide useful strategic advantages for the bigger picture, as Debbie Young explains in her case study.
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