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Review Of The #IndieAuthorChat Twitter Chat In 2019

Review of the #IndieAuthorChat Twitter Chat in 2019

In April this year, ALLi's new Twitter chat #IndieAuthorChat was born. Today, Twitter chat host, Tim Lewis, is looking back at the year in review and highlighting some of our best chat questions.

headshot of Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis, ALLi Author Member and Twitter chat host

Review of the #IndieAuthorChat Twitter chat in 2019

A Twitter chat is a conversation about a topic in a fixed period of time (an hour at 8pm GMT/BST in this case) where everybody uses the same hashtag.

So far on the chat we have had over 30 guest experts who have answered questions and several general topic discussions. It's going to be impossible to cover all the guests and topics in this article, but I'll include all the guests and topics below and how to search for each chat on Twitter.

Best Questions in the #IndieAuthorChat Twitter Chat

We started off with me describing my author journey on the 23rd April, and then our first guest was the awesome Louise Harnby of the Editing Podcast. One question that is common to self-publishers is how to find the right editor for your book which I think Louise gave a fantastic set of answers to:

Later in the month, Debbie Young did a great talk on running a literary festival, including answering the following question:

In June we had Joanna Penn talking about author business mindset and especially how to avoid burnout:

A week later we had PR and Social Media wizard Janet Murray on talking about getting exposure in the media. A particularly appreciated answer was on the “low-hanging fruit of PR”:

In August we had Will from Findaway Voices talking about audio books. This was a particularly interesting answer:


In October we had Joel Schwartzberg talking about how to pitch your book:

Later in October we had the author of Get A Meeting with Anyone, Stu Heinecke talking about getting access to normally unreachable people:

Another interesting chat was when Clare Josa was talking about imposter syndrome:


These are just a selection of the answers given by guests and there's always a large amount of other discussion within the community and a tendency for GIFs and pictures of animals and exotic locations to get posted. Here's a selection of the weird and wonderful community tweets with often no relation to the topic in hand…

Taking Part

The #indieAuthorChat runs every Tuesday night at 8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern US time, midday Pacific US time and 9pm European time.
If you have access to a PC then Twitter's website tweetdeck.com can be used to easily take part in a Twitter chat as seen in this video:


Reading Old Twitter Chat Tweets

To search for a particular week's chat, find the date of the chat (for example the 26th November for our discussion on Mental Health) and then paste the following into the Twitter search bar:

(#indieAuthorChat) until:– since: —

so for the 26th November this would be: (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-11-27 since:2019-11-26

If you then click on latest and scroll to the bottom you can read all the tweets in order. List of historic Twitter chat guests and topics:

Date Topic Guest Name Search String

23-Apr-19 Welcome Tim Lewis (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-04-24 since:2019-04-23
30-Apr-19 Fiction Editing Louise Harnby (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-05-01 since:2019-04-30
07-May-19 Going Wide PublishDrive (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-05-08 since:2019-05-07
14-May-19 Running a Literary Festival Debbie Young (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-05-15 since:2019-05-14
21-May-19 World Building Alison Morton (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-05-22 since:2019-05-21
28-May-19 Author Coaching Rebecca Wood (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-05-29 since:2019-05-28
04-Jun-19 Scaling Author Income Joanna Penn (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-06-05 since:2019-06-04
11-Jun-19 PR (Public Relations) Janet Murray (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-06-12 since:2019-06-11
18-Jun-19 Buyer Psychology Kenda Macdonald (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-06-19 since:2019-06-18
25-Jun-19 Author Websites Rachel McCollin (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-06-26 since:2019-06-25
02-Jul-19 Making a Living From Writing Horror Adrienne Lecter (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-07-03 since:2019-07-02
09-Jul-19 Are authors on “poverty” wages? Dan Holloway (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-07-10 since:2019-07-09
16-Jul-19 The Rise of the Authorpreneur Orna Ross (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-07-17 since:2019-07-16
23-Jul-19 Crowdfunding a Book Ben Roberts (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-07-24 since:2019-07-23
30-Jul-19 Writing about Difficult Subjects Jen Gilmour (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-07-31 since:2019-07-30
06-Aug-19 Proofreading Hannah McCall (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-08-07 since:2019-08-06
13-Aug-19 Turn Life Into Fiction Helena Halme (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-08-14 since:2019-08-13
20-Aug-19 Public Speaking Matt Parker (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-08-21 since:2019-08-20
27-Aug-19 Audiobooks with Findaway Voices Will Dages (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-08-28 since:2019-08-27
03-Sep-19 Ghostwriting Roz Morris (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-09-04 since:2019-09-03
10-Sep-19 Book Websites Nate Hoffelder (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-09-11 since:2019-09-10
17-Sep-19 Social Media Nicky Kriel (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-09-18 since:2019-09-17
24-Sep-19 Using Video to promote books Dan Willis (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-09-25 since:2019-09-24
01-Oct-19 How to extract your book's strongest points Joel Schwartzberg (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-10-02 since:2019-10-01
08-Oct-19 Moving From Publishing to Self-Publishing Helena Fairfax (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-10-09 since:2019-10-08
15-Oct-19 Get A Meeting with Anyone Stu Heinecke (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-10-16 since:2019-10-15
22-Oct-19 How to Successfully Launch a Book Kristina Adams (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-10-23 since:2019-10-22
29-Oct-19 Beating Imposter Syndrome Clare Josa (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-10-30 since:2019-10-29
05-Nov-19 NANOWRIMO N/A (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-11-06 since:2019-11-05
12-Nov-19 Using your books to promote your business Catherine Carrigan (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-11-13 since:2019-11-12
19-Nov-19 Writing Satire Charles Harris (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-11-20 since:2019-11-19
26-Nov-19 Mental Health for Authors N/A (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-11-27 since:2019-11-26
03-Dec-19 Podcasting David Bain (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-12-04 since:2019-12-03
10-Dec-19 Books2Read and Library Distribution Kevin Tumlinson (#indieAuthorChat) until:2019-12-11 since:2019-12-10

Come and join the #indieAuthorChat it runs every Tuesday night at 8pm UK time, 3pm Eastern US time, midday Pacific US time and 9pm European time. #selfpublishing #IARTG #ASMRG #amwriting #writingcommunity #writetip Click To Tweet


Have you been part of our #IndieAuthorChat Twitter chats? Will you be joining us next year?

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Author: Timothy Lewis

Tim Lewis is the host of the Begin Self Publishing Podcast www.beginselfpublishing.com and writes science-fiction and fantasy under the pen name Timothy Michael Lewis.


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