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AI for Authors: Practical and Ethical Guidelines.

When you hear the words "artificial intelligence" it usually evokes one of two responses, either excitement and curiosity at the prospect of new technologies, bringing more books and products to the world, or fear because the only experience of you have of AI are movies like I, Robot, the Matrix and the Terminator. But the Alliance of Independent Authors is here to show you the plethora of opportunities AI brings authors and how to work with AI ethically. This article is brought to you by Orna Ross. With thanks to Joanna Penn, Laurence O'Bryan of BooksGoSocial, Amit Gupta of Sudowrite, JD Lasica of Authors AI. 
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NFTs for Indie Authors

NFT is a word flying around the indie author community right now. But what does it mean, why should we care and what's happening right now with them? In today's post, the AskALLi team welcomes and thanks Laurence O'Bryan from BooksGoSocial along with Creatokia to discuss breaking news on the NFT front as well as everything you need to know as indie authors.
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Blockchain Technology for Indie Authors Q&A

Recently one of ALLi’s engaged partner members Russell Phillips wrote to us with questions about blockchain technology and its implications for authors. This post details the questions and answers resulting from the questions.
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